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Author: Guest

    Future of HR
    30 Sep
    The ‘NEW’ future of HR

    Writing for Harvard Business Review in 2020, Jeanne C. Meister and Robert H. Brown predicted that the 2020s will be the 'NEW' future of HR. Existing business trends combined with the COVID-19 pandemic redefine the way people work, and therefore the way HR approaches everything...

    remote employees
    03 Oct
    How to Retain Remote Employees: Strategies You Need To Know

    While hiring remote employees comes with several benefits, cost reduction is undoubtedly the principal focus for most companies. It’s no secret that businesses are increasingly switching from the typical in-house work environment to a remote framework, as they attempt to minimise their human resource costs,...

    employee engagement-3
    08 Jul
    The Future of Employee Engagement Automation

    Modern organisations are evolving into smart organisations.  The term “Smart organisation” is used to describe an organisation that is interconnected, dynamically adaptive, knowledge-based and responsive to change.  Let’s breakdown the definition.  Interconnected: They deploy the best communication practices and promote collaborative work culture. Dynamically adaptive: They are early adopters...

    background check
    08 Oct
    What Employees Should Know About Background Checks

    Background checks are frequently run as part of the pre-employment screening process when you are hired for a position. They are used by companies to help ensure the safety of your future co-workers and the company, especially if your new job will require you to...

    high performance
    13 Jul
    How to Build High-Performing Teams Through Employee Training and Development

    When accomplishing business-related tasks, few teams are as effective in reaching their goals than a high-performing team. Simply put, high-performance teams get results. A high-performing team can consistently deliver, despite the odds. Developing such a team gives you the ultimate competitive advantage. When a team is...

    Challenge Employee
    28 May
    Why Employees Are More Efficient When They Feel Challenged

    You see it all over the internet. Advice blogs, business sites, and management studies fill the search results. Articles like “Four Simple Ways to Challenge Your Employees” or “You’ll Never Believe What This Company Did to Challenge Their Employees.” While many of these articles, blog posts,...

    HR Best Practice
    02 Mar
    A Guide to HR Best Practices

    It is a known fact that the HR team has multiple goals. However, one of the forever and significant goals of the HR department is promoting employee engagement and the performance of employees. Having said that, there are a lot of ways in which the...

    10C employee engagement
    12 Jan
    The 10 C’s of Employee Engagement

    An engaged employee is an individual who is enthusiastically and completely immersed in their work. A common trait observed in engaged employees is that they care about the future of their respective organisations and are more than willing to put in additional efforts to see...

    leadership journey
    11 Dec
    Mastering Your Leadership Journey

    Leadership like any other competency, demands varied skills and talents based on the context. Hence, it is imperative that leaders need to be highly aware individuals and also strive to learn to adapt and adjust themselves to their leadership journey. Irrespective of the time (be...