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HR Transformation

    19 Jul
    Redefining HR Decision Making: HR Dashboards

      Navigating the Demands of the Economic Landscape: Leveraging HRIS and Embedded Reports for Strategic Decision-Making   In the current economic climate, achieving tangible outcomes, showcasing value, and justifying decisions have become imperative. This presents HR professionals with an opportunity to elevate their role as strategic business...

    14 Jul
    Cultivating Empathy: A Pathway to Sustainable Success

    Drawing from my experience as a challenger, innovator, and leader throughout my career, I confidently assert that no single idea or business strategy possesses the profound impact that empathy brings. Empathy surpasses the realms of leadership, culture, innovation, and marketing, emerging as the fundamental...

    12 Jul
    Retain and Thrive: Insider Tips for Boosting Employee Retention

    If you find yourself constantly wondering why your employees are leaving and never returning, it may be time to reassess your approach to employee retention. The presence of a high employee turnover rate clearly indicates that there are issues that need to be addressed...

    05 Jul
    Unleashing Your Team’s Productivity Potential: Identifying Key Roadblocks

    Productivity stands as a critical factor acknowledged by every HR manager. However, maintaining this vital aspect often poses a formidable challenge. In an environment filled with countless distractions, it is a testament to progressive enterprises to not only recognise these impediments but also proactively...

    lets chat gpt
    03 Jul
    Let’s CHAT GPT: How to make it your friend

      What is it?    New bot on the block, CHAT GPT is a large language model that can generate human-like text. By providing it with a prompt, it can generate responses that continue the conversation or expand on the given prompt. This is the slow consequence...

    22 Jun
    Unleashing the Power Within: The Significance of Nurturing Personal Growth

      Indeed, it is an undeniable truth that offering individuals the opportunity for personal development lays the foundation for various forms of growth. As an employer, you may view this as the enticing proposition extended to potential candidates during the recruitment process for a specific...

    20 Jun
    A.I: The Myths and Truths You Need To Know.

    Welcome back. If you are reading this, it is safe to say you have survived another week of the Apocalypse! A little context if the A-word incites some panic? In my last article we discussed the myth of the “AI apocalypse”, concluding that it...

    13 Jun
    Strategies for Creating an Enhanced Work Environment

      Employees invest a significant amount of time at their workplace, often spending more than eight hours a day for five days a week. In essence, the workplace becomes a second home for them. However, when employees begin to dread coming to work, exhibit a...

    08 Jun
    The Role of HR Software in Mitigating Skills Shortage Challenges

    In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, with technological advancements and emerging opportunities, the demand for the development of new skills within the workforce has become a pressing concern worldwide. To stay competitive and adapt to changing market dynamics, organisations recognise the importance of equipping...