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HR Transformation

    30 Aug
    Revamping Employee Experience: Five Initiatives HR Can Take

      Our journey through life comprises a collection of moments that contribute to forming either negative, positive, or neutral memories. Each of these instances holds the power to create a lasting imprint on our minds, shaping our overall perception of the experiences as either favourable...

    25 Aug
    Company Culture Part 2: The Physical Elements

      What words would you use to describe your office? Ergonomic, functional, practical? What about sensuous, pleasing, pleasurable? They're not typically words we’d ascribe to our offices. No, offices for the most part aren’t particularly exciting to the senses. In fact, they are a place where...

    23 Aug
    Fostering Innovation and Expansion through Strategic Human Resources Management

    Strategic Human Resources (HR) plays a pivotal role in advancing innovation within companies, especially in startups. This department assumes the responsibility of overseeing and nurturing an organisation's talent pool and cultivating its cultural environment. By doing so, it facilitates the development of innovative capacities...

    15 Aug
    Nurturing Proficient Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Abilities

        In times of pressure and stress, individuals commonly resort to a default strategy, often choosing a decision that has proven effective in the past. While this tactic can yield results, it carries a significant risk of trapping one in a cycle of repeatedly addressing...

    10 Aug
    The Importance of Coaching and Mentoring in Todays World.

      Coaching and mentoring serve as vital processes fostering the realisation of peak potential for both managers and employees. A fundamental thread interconnects all forms of mentoring and coaching, functioning as a conduit for introspection, evaluation, and proactive steps, empowering individuals or clients to attain...

    07 Aug
    Unlocking Employee Potential: 10 Essential Strategies for Effective Motivation

      Employee motivation is the culmination of various elements, encompassing an employee's energy level, creativity, and dedication in the workplace. Throughout the years, organisations have consistently faced difficulties in discovering effective methods to inspire their workforce. Nevertheless, staff motivation stands as a pivotal factor, for...

    04 Aug
    Achieving Employee Succession Planning: A Comprehensive Guide for HR Professionals

    Succession planning constitutes a vital component of talent management, aimed at identifying and nurturing potential employees within an organisation. Its primary goal is to strategically fill critical positions whenever they become available or vacant. Over the years, succession planning has undergone constant evolution, adapting...

    Hr solution
    02 Aug
    Embracing HR Solutions: Wake up to a Brighter Workplace

    Shifting Beyond Spreadsheets Numerous organisations and individuals rely on spreadsheets to manage information, carry out specific processes, and perform calculations. Spreadsheets undeniably offer great utility—I, too, depend on them for various daily tasks and find them indispensable. They streamline my workflow, making work more manageable. Nevertheless,...

    27 Jul
    Company Culture Part 1: What really is workplace culture?

      To start, I’m going to ask you a personal question.   What’s your workplace culture like? Are you satisfied with it?  Is it really all it was made out to be? How do you leave your office in the afternoon? Content, buoyant and filled with verve...

    26 Jul
    A Productive State of Mind: Fostering Employee Happiness

    One of the common challenges faced by organisations is maintaining employee productivity. However, by making the right hiring decisions and investing in building strong relationships with employees, this challenge can be effectively addressed. Elevating the happiness levels of your workforce can significantly enhance their...