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HR Transformation

    Learning and Development Impacts Professional Development
    15 Feb
    How Learning and Development Impacts Professional Development

    Why is professional development important? Learning and development plays a key role in the Professional Development and engagement of employees. Organisations that focus on the professional development of their workforce are more likely to foster an environment of high engagement and company growth. Providing employees with...

    Employee Recognition
    27 Jan
    Employee Recognition Revisited: Tips for a great workforce

    We know a manager's role is rather complex, juggling many tasks. Still, there is one task that offers true insight and positive change, and that is employee recognition with continuous feedback. The team goes to great lengths to hone their skills and competencies; sometimes, all...

    Employee Onboarding
    25 Jan
    Understanding Employee Onboarding Process

    Employee onboarding focuses on the process of inducting new employees into your business. When considering what should be included in an employee onboarding program it is important to understand what the key elements and necessary steps are to ensure a smooth initiation of new employees...

    HR Management System
    12 Jan
    What is HR a Management System and why you need one

    HR Software or HR Management System (HRMS) or Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a digital tool that helps HR manage and optimize their daily tasks. It combines a number of systems and processes into one software, such as storing employee data, managing payroll, recruitment,...

    Future of HR trend
    30 Sep
    The ‘NEW’ future of HR: What You Need to Know Now

    Writing for Harvard Business Review in 2020, Jeanne C. Meister and Robert H. Brown predicted that the 2020s will be the 'NEW' future of HR. Existing business trends combined with the COVID-19 pandemic redefine the way people work, and therefore the way HR approaches everything...

    Workplace Communication
    30 Jun
    5 Ways to Improve Your Workplace Communication

    Why is communication important in the workplace? In the workplace ensuring that you strengthen your overall level of workplace communication is extremely important. Whenever employees are communicating effectively it may be seen that employee engagement, satisfaction levels, business growth and further employee productivity are likely to...

    role of hr manager, hr roles and responsibilities,human resources role,
    23 Jun
    How the HR Roles are Changing in 2022?

    In today’s current business environment, it can be noticed that Human Resources roles are undergoing major change and transformation from the utilisation of modern-day HR reporting software to an increased strategic mindset and focus. Previously HR roles would often complete a wide range of tasks...

    Recruitment Digital Now
    16 Jun
    Recruitment in the Digital Now

    Technology has completely redefined and changed the way that we operate daily, and recruitment isn’t any exception being transformed with the addition of powerful HR solutions. Innovations in technology have completely reshaped how recruiters are able to interact throughout the entire hiring process. We have seen...

    Meditation in the workplace
    09 Jun
    The Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace

    The workplace can be extremely stressful, and action-packed, although many businesses have adopted meditation in the workplace to improve performance, relationships and employee health. Through meditating, many employees have been able to reduce personal levels of stress and focus on their own individual core health...

    Environmentally Sustainable at Workplace, sustainability in the workplace, workplace sustainability, sustainability in work
    02 Jun
    How to Promote an Environmentally Sustainable at Workplace

    It has become extremely common to see that many companies are aiming for an environmentally sustainable workplace today. In the eyes of almost all stakeholders, environmental friendliness is of top concern and effectively bring only positivity to organisations. Likewise, it can be seen that customers have...