Ari Kopoulos
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Author: Ari Kopoulos

    automated hr ,HR Automation
    11 Jan
    The Top 10 Processes for HR Automation

    Human resource departments in both small and large businesses are responsible for completing a plethora of  tasks. Today, many companies rely on enterprise content management software to help human resource managers to reduce the amount of time that the various duties take. Because human resources jobs...

    high potential employees
    09 Jan
    How to identify & Retain High Potential Employees (HiPo)?

    Research shows that high potential employees, or Hi Po, numbers among a company’s greatest resources. Nurturing leaders in-house eliminates the need to recruit externally to fill many key positions while lowering training costs and reducing turnover rates for recent recruits who don’t match the company’s...

    succession planning
    07 Jan
    Employee Succession Planning: Everything HR Needs to Know

    Succession planning is one aspect of talent management that identifies and develops employees within an organisation with potential, in order to fill in key positions as and when they become available or vacant. Succession planning has evolved over the years and it is constantly evolving...

    what is performance management
    29 Dec
    What is Performance Management?

    Performance management is essentially overseeing the relationship between organisational objectives and the skills, experience and capabilities of an organisation’s employees. Overseeing this linear relationship will involve drawing and analysing the aligned results developed. These results emerge from different stages through business activity – either the...

    hr challenges,challenges of hr manager
    23 Dec
    Top 8 Challenges Of HR Manager in 2022

    HR challenges in today’s fluctuating global economies affect every aspect of business, and this includes meeting strategic organisational business imperatives that HR departments never faced in past decades. The following top-eight HR challenges - while seemingly complex - actually have relatively simple solutions for companies...

    payroll system
    18 Dec
    How to Select the Perfect Payroll Service for your Business

    There’s a growing trend for companies of all sizes to call on the expertise of payroll service professionals to manage & execute their payroll. Naturally, the complex, legislative/statutory driven & rather repeatable nature of payroll, lends itself to outsourcing, but it still remains one of...

    agile culture
    15 Dec
    The Benefits on an Agile Culture

    Harboring and developing an agile culture can go a long way in impacting and ensuring your company’s long term success factor. In today’s competitive environment, it is imperative for any growing organisation to be lean and flexible. The term “Agile” has unfortunately lost its essence and...

    hr software cost
    13 Dec
    How Much Does HR Software Cost ?

    In today's business environment, online HR management becomes increasingly important for your company to remain competitive. Unfortunately, many decision-makers look at HR software cost without running deep cost-benefit analyses. The real question isn't how much does HR software cost, but how much it costs to operate without...

    growth mindset
    11 Dec
    12 Powerful Habits for Growth Mindset Success

    For better or worse we shape our individual realities according to our response or reaction to the world around us. Hardly anybody responds to external stimuli with the purpose of producing unintended, unwanted results. Yet, our responses, our reactions, our behaviours, often produce results that...

    6 Best Practices to Drive Your Recruitment & Selection Process,recruitment and selection, selecting and recruiting a diverse workforce
    05 Dec
    6 Best Practices to Drive Your Recruitment and Selection Process

    Finding and hiring the right talent has never been more difficult. The skills shortage, increased job market competition and diversity in the expectations of prospective job candidates have highly complexified the recruitment and selection process for HR managers. Despite the situation, recruitment represents a great area...