Ari Kopoulos
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Author: Ari Kopoulos

    Employee Engagement
    13 Sep
    The 7 pillars of Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement is now a phenomenon that's deeply implanted in the collective consciousness of progressive HR leaders. This is supported by the huge surge of content, conferences, awards, Internet chatter, and Facebook and LinkedIn social media groups solely focused on employee engagement. Large numbers of HR tech vendors...

    The power of intellectual curiosity
    30 Aug
    The Curious Thing About Intellectual Curiosity

    The more I observe brilliant people, the more I notice that one distinguishing characteristic they have is insatiable curiosity. Intellectual curiosity ranks as one of the most productive and powerful qualities that any person has. It adds dimension, context, and passion. To embrace its uncertainty...

    Employee Onboarding Program
    24 Aug
    10 Elements of an Effective Employee Onboarding Program

    Selecting the right candidate for the job is nothing without a proper employee onboarding program. We know well that the success of any recruitment strategy depends on a rigorous selection process. But it doesn't stop there. Employee Onboarding, the last step of the recruitment process, is...

    How to become a HR leader
    22 Aug
    7 Ways to Make the Shift From HR Pro to HR Leader

    While many CEOs think about their business as 'People First', a lot of HR professionals are still looking for their place at the executives' table. Talking 'human capital' and 'performance' has become fashionable in the hope of creating the perfect employer formula that will make...

    Data driven in the HR clouds
    04 Jul
    Data Driven HR, in the Cloud(s)

    There is something truly special about being able to fly - the freedom, the control, the chance to see a perspective that few get to experience. I appreciate this position, but it commands respect. Occasionally, I kill the plane's power - it isn't as dramatic as...

    Why Culture & Engagement Are So Important
    28 Jun
    Why Are Culture and Engagement So Important?

    When business leaders are asked to name their biggest asset, what do you think most would pinpoint? Their answers could easily range from product to property, or the customer base. While these are all correct answers, the only true answer in my opinion is - employees. At the...

    How to sell a HRIS to a CEO
    27 Jun
    How to sell a HRIS to a CEO

    In the business world, many strategic and technological changes are set by a CEO and other senior management professionals. These are the parties who understand the budget restraints and have the ability to pick and choose what an enterprise invests in. However, there are times when...

    Benefits of competency framework
    17 May
    Benefits of a Competency Framework

    It is fair to say that every business is different. From the corporate level to the employee level, there are always clear nuances that set one enterprise apart from the other. These are often described as competencies - the various skills, abilities, experience, personality traits...

    HR Dashboard
    14 May
    Strategic Decisions With HR Dashboards

      The current economic climate is asking all of us to deliver measurable results, demonstrate value and justify decisions. For the HR professional, this spells an opportunity to enhance the role of a strategic business partner. However, to be truly effective in this regard, there is...

    Why GoT needs a HRIS
    09 May
    10 Reasons Why Game of Thrones Needs a HRIS

    If you’re a Throner, that’s a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll be all too familiar with the mess that is Westeros. If you’re not, all you need to know is that the world’s biggest fantasy show is the perfect metaphor for poor succession planning, terrible...