Ari Kopoulos
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Author: Ari Kopoulos

    Are Performance Reviews on the Way Out?
    24 Nov
    Are Performance Reviews on the Way Out?

    Traditionally, the performance review was a staple part of the HR process as a key way of providing feedback and creating a dialogue between manager and employee. However, as we move into a new era of technology-enabled workplace, performance reviews seems to be on their way out as...

    How are companies handling cybersecurity
    11 Nov
    How Are Companies Handling Cybersecurity?

    For firms across the globe, cybersecurity is becoming a much more pressing concern. As the threat of cyberattacks continue to evolve, protecting your HR management software becomes all the more critical for securing employee data. Survey shows mixed results in cybersecurity development According to a recent survey from Ernst &...

    What Will 2016 Hold for HR Technology?
    05 Nov
    What Will 2016 Hold for HR Technology?

    Technology is becoming a key part of successful HR departments around the globe. Heading into next year, innovations will change the very nature of this department and improvements in HRIS software will spur a new perspective when it comes to managing employees. Technology to become focused on employees A report...

    How to Find Your Next Business Leader
    16 Oct
    How to Find Your Next Business Leader

    When a business leader first start out, his goal is to set up the enterprise as a future for his family. No matter where his children go, there is an organisation that will always have something for him to do. However, what happens when the next generation doesn't want to be...

    Is your business doing enough to support worker commitments
    13 Oct
    Is Your Business Doing Enough to Support Worker Commitments?

    Juggling the demands of work and personal commitments is never easy. When a new baby comes into the picture, a family member becomes ill or an individual takes on responsibilities within the community, this can make the balance even harder to achieve. Although many companies have...