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    02 Jul
    Victoria invests in vocational skills

    The Victoria State Government will invest $1.2 billion in funding vocational based learning to develop skills needed in the local workforce....

    17 Jun
    Are Brainteasers the Way to Go?

    Brainteasers topped Glassdoor UK's list of toughest interviews in 2014. But is it important to figure out how many golf balls fit in a cubicle?...

    hr expert
    14 Feb
    Ask the expert! The 3 Most Important Trends in HR Tech

    In February's edition of Human Capital Magazine, Ari Kopoulos (National Sales & Marketing Manager) addresses another burning question in the HR industry. You can find the article in hard copy form in Issue Number 8.2 under the 'Ask the Expert' column. Q. What are the three...

    18 Aug
    Stickies, spreadsheets and loads of paper

    Eliminating paper based HR processes and integrating the function with other business systems requires a paradigm shift, one that focuses on workflow principles and adding value that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Walk into the typical HR department and it doesn't take long to see just how...