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Three simple ideas to improve employee experience

Innovative workplaces get the most out of their employees. Google, which has topped Fortune’s list of top companies to work for three years in a row, has nap pods on site, gives employees $50 for every five hours they volunteer at an approved nonprofit and free food. Other employee incentives at Fortune 100 companies include ‘We love our Employees Day’, ‘Snooze or Cruise’ certificates, and ‘Workout on Wheels’.

Here are three simple ideas to improve employee experience.

Walk and talks

One-on-ones, not just with the manager but with the CEO. One-on-one check-ins allow employees to bring up innovative ideas or share concerns without a middle man. This approach enables the CEO to coach employees rather than manage them and the personal interaction lets the employee know they are an important part of the company.

Hack day

Employees are put in teams for the day and develop an idea that improves the product, office or organisation. This can bring out their competitive spirit and empower employees to be creative and contribute to the company’s direction and vision. Another way of implementing this idea is transformation teams. Terri Levine, founder and CEO of Comprehensive Coaching U, believes this approach creates a better work environment.

“If we encourage employees to spend their day thinking about more of what they do want and what feels good and what makes them happy, then that is the reality they will create,” Levine says.

You don’t have to read the book club.

At club meetings executives present a book that has affected their life or career in some way and discuss the book with their employees. This initiative breaks down barriers between employee and employer and can lead to personal connections.

HRMS offers a modular system to complement these innovative ideas that encourage an “employee-centric” approach. HRMS software provides performance management modules to clearly outline what the employee’s role is and how it is measured, further boosting an individual’s experience within the workplace.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect