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Tips to create a positive working environment

Tips to create a positive working environment

There is no doubt that adding HRMS software to your department will see an improve in productivity and morale, but what other things can you do in the office to create the spark that lifts employees in the morning and promotes a good working environment?

While many employers will look at the cost of implementing some of the features listed below, the overall impact on employees will far outweigh the initial costs.

Introduce a reward system

Businesses have long known that workers who receive the odd reward perform better and are more loyal to the firm. It doesn't have to be a major prize or anything that valuable as the reward itself will be the key to promoting a good work environment.

Perhaps if someone has gone completely out of their way to help another employee or has done a superb job on a difficult task, you should reward the employee and highlight the example they have set.

Verbal praise is another way of rewarding hard work. If an employee knows that business executives are interested in their work and congratulating their efforts, they will strive for excellence thus adding renewed energy to the company.

Light and temperature

Another way to create a positive working environment is maintaining good light and heating in the office. Businesses should promote natural light as much as possible and have sufficient lighting in the department for work. A darker room isn't conducive to productivity and the mood will be a lot lower. With sunset now occurring during the workday, the lighting situation needs to be sorted before winter closes in.

The temperature of the office is also important. A warm office can decrease alertness levels and workers can feel lethargic. An office that is too cold will cost a business big time. Increases to employees getting sick and taking days off is never something a company wants. 

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect