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HR Transformation

    Why Empathy Is the Most Important Trait
    16 Apr
    Why Empathy Is the Most Important Trait Today

    Reflecting upon my career as challenger, innovator & leader, I can safely say that no single idea or business strategy has generated the kind of power that empathy delivers. Empathy transcends leadership, culture, innovation and marketing, as the key driving force in today's communications ecosphere....

    07 Apr
    NFP: How to Turn Business Challenges Into Opportunities

    A roadmap for Not for Profits Spending the best part of the last 12 months speaking with NFP Organisations has allowed me to dive deeper into the challenges they face and gain an insight into how these challenges can be addressed. Attempting to deliver services with...

    The Pitfalls of Business Change Management
    05 Feb
    The Pitfalls of Business Change Management

    It is fair to say that nothing ever stays the same for long. Whether this is in relation to our personal or professional lives, it's often the way that we handle these situations which determines how much it affects us. Of course, it's often the case that changes...

    Should CIOs Be Embracing Innovation?
    26 Jan
    Should CIOs Be Embracing Innovation?

    Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are being called to foster innovation as it starts to play a greater role across companies. According to an IDC survey, those working alongside CIOs are increasingly viewing them as innovation officers. One way to incorporate innovation in the workplace is through a well-managed...

    Why Are CFOs Reporting a Dip in Confidence?
    05 Dec
    Why Are CFOs Reporting a Dip in Confidence?

    According to a recent Deloitte analysis, confidence levels of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) dropped during the third quarter of 2015. With research showing increased collaboration with human resources (HR) and CFOs, the right HR management software may be able to provide the boost of positivity required. Dip in confidence...

    12 Aug
    Does your business need to address bad health habits?

    While there has been much discussion surrounding the importance of employee health, many companies still don't fully understand the negative consequences of not implementing wellbeing plans. However, with the emergence of recent research into how unhealthy alcohol habits affect working life, it may be time to...