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    Reward and Recognition
    13 Jun
    The Difference Between Reward and Recognition

    In today’s business culture, one of the conundrums, semantically created is the interchange of the terms reward and recognition. Both are extremely important and work together to attract and retain high performance employees.  To comprehend the meaning of both these terms, they need to be de-coupled, and their...

    employee engagement ideas
    20 May
    13 Employee Recognition Ideas to Maximise Employee Engagement

    It’s a tried and tested theory that recognising your employees is a pathway towards maximising employee engagement. This engagement can form between you and your employee or your employee with the company overall. When you recognise your employees for their efforts, contributions and time, they feel...

    month of employee, nominated employee of the month,employee of the month award ,deep rock employee of the month,employee of the month template,Employee of the Month
    03 Mar
    How to Select an Employee of the Month

    Employee satisfaction and workplace happiness can be achieved by promoting recognition award such as the employee of the month every month to generate healthy competition and motivation and help build a culture of recognition among team members. It is also a meaningful way to show...

    employee recognition culture
    28 Feb
    12 Powerful Tips to Build an Employee Recognition Culture

    About 65 percent of the people in one survey reported that they received no recognition over the last 12 months for their work.In the same report, 89 percent of employers feel that most employees leave their companies to earn more money. However, most workers who...

    The 5 Benefits of Nurturing Peer to Peer Recognition
    19 Dec
    5 Benefits of Nurturing Peer to Peer Recognition

    Although being recognised by our own manager is crucial to employee retention, we tend to forget that the recognition we get from our peers is just as important. Our colleagues share the same challenges as we do, and who's better placed than them to understand...

    The Power of Employee Recognition
    31 Oct
    The Power of Employee Recognition

    Make no mistake, an organisation that fosters an environment that motivates employees and rewards positive behaviours will attract the best talent, maintain a strong, positive culture and retain the rockstars that outperform the competition. Whether you're in, a football team, the boardroom or, the bedroom, the same...

    rewards and incentives
    29 Jun
    31 Rewards and Incentives to Consider For Employee Productivity

    When it comes to monthly board meetings, you panic for a split second. After laying out the unpleasant profitability figures, you know the sole reason to the small numbers lie with your division – HR. This means you’ve got twice as much work to do...

    How to define success?
    21 Jun
    It Is Never Too Late To Define Success

    The denotation of success that most people are familiar with is the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted. However, what ultimately separates the successful from the unsuccessful is their personal connotation of the word success. When you create your own definition and meaning, you...