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    16 May
    The Psychology of Procrastination and How to Stop It

    Everyone procrastinates occasionally, but in today’s fast-moving business environment, procrastination can generate serious consequences. Regardless of whether you manage, supervise or work as a team member, procrastination can affect other people’s performances and compromise their efficiency and ability to do their jobs. What Is Procrastination? People have...

    difficult conversation
    11 May
    How To Have Difficult Conversations – Tips

    We've all been in situations where we try to put those difficult conversations on the back burner. You know you need to have this difficult conversation and do everything you can to avoid it. Perhaps you a worried that if you do engage, you will make the situation even worse. One...

    Conducting a Skills Gap Analysis
    19 Apr
    Conducting a Skills Gap Analysis

    A skills gap analysis is the difference between the skills that employers seek or need, and the skills that the employees offer. In order to conduct a skills gap analysis, the organisation needs to identify skills that it needs in order to meet its business...

    The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
    03 Apr
    The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

    Emotional intelligence has a significant bearing on our professional lives. Hence, it is imperative that we understand what it signifies and its role and importance in the workplace. Every individual has a unique personality, emotional strength, different capabilities, and all these facets can have a...

    interpersonal skills
    27 Mar
    10 Tips To Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

    When we list our skills on our CV, we always tend to focus on the core skills that we learnt from the various degrees, certifications, and diplomas. Quite often forget to jot down the core skills that we possess as an individual. One such core skill...

    Building Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills
    22 Mar
    Building Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

    The standard approach that people tend to follow especially when they are under the gun, feeling stressed is to usually react with a decision which had worked previously. While this may work, however, there is a high probability of you getting stuck in a circle of...

    Communication Skills
    20 Mar
    The Power of Communication Skills

    One of the most important life skills to possess is to be able to communicate effectively. Strong communication skills the act of being able to transfer information from one place to another is termed as communication. This transfer of information may take place: By using...

    Job Interview tips
    06 Mar
    30 Tips To Prepare For Your Next Job Interview

    Preparing for a job interview takes a lot more than looking up for top interview questions on Google! Apart from your knowledge about the company and its products and services, your first impression carries a lot of weight, and it goes on to convey if you are...

    Human Resources as a Career
    23 Feb
    How to Break into Careers in Human Resources

    A lot of individuals these days are quite keen to consider a career in Human Resources. It is a fast paced growth oriented career field which offers many lucrative opportunities for HR generalists, managers and more. Career analysts have predicted that the Human Resources job sector...

    work skills job skills
    04 Feb
    Top 13 Work Skills Employers Look for in a Job Seeker

    Job seekers have always wished if they could unlock the secret formula to charm and win over employers. They have been wondering to unravel the mystery of the mix of work skills, job skills and values that lure employers to hire such candidates on the...