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Top 13 Work Skills Employers Look for in a Job Seeker

Job seekers have always wished if they could unlock the secret formula to charm and win over employers. They have been wondering to unravel the mystery of the mix of work skills, job skills and values that lure employers to hire such candidates on the spot. While every employer is always on the lookout for a set of unique job skills from the potential candidates for a certain job opening, there are a number of work skills and values which are the most universally sought after skills by hiring managers. A latest analysis revealed that almost 58% of employees with stellar communications skills were hired across the year, which made it all the more evident that “soft skills” is no longer just a buzzword in the job seeking scenario these days.

The good part that has been observed is that job seekers do possess these job skills to some extent while the ones who are relatively weak in these areas can always improve their work skills via training, coaching or by joining professional development courses. Once you gain an understanding of the skills and characteristics that most employers seek, you can customize your cover letter, resume, and prepare for your interview accordingly so that you can showcase how well aligned your skill set is with the job requirements of employers.

This article attempts to provide you a list of the top job skills, work skills and values that employers seek in today’s job market. It also provides you with example resume writing tips on how to describe your job skill set so that you can update your resume accordingly and make it powerful and appealing for the employers.

1. Professionalism

This aspect depicts your capability to act in a responsible and fair manner in your professional and personal activities. It depicts an individual’s sense of self confidence and maturity sans any pettiness.

Resume Writing Tip: A genuine and diligent go-getter who is highly dedicated, organized, and committed towards showcasing professionalism.

2. Honesty and Integrity

One of the values that employers look for and probably respect more than any other value is an individual’s personal integrity. This quality is much sought after  considering the rise corporate scandals .

Resume Writing Tip: An experienced and well seasoned professional whose integrity and honesty will help to nurture and create an effective leadership and one of the finest business relationships.

3. Adaptability Skills

This quality projects an individual’s openness to new concepts and ideas, multi-task, and being able to work independently or as part of a team.

Resume Writing Tip: A highly positive, resilient, adaptable, mobile, risk-taker, and patient individual who is open to new ideas and suggestions.

4. Problem-solving Skills

This is one of the must have qualities that employers expect from all the job seekers. They look out for individuals who are so passionate about the work that they do, so much so, that they are persevering whenever a problem arises and won’t stop till they resolve the issue and get the job done.

Resume Writing Tip: A productive worker with great work ethics who believes in putting forth optimal attempt in successfully solving problems and accomplishing tasks.

5. Responsibility

Every employer looks out for individuals who comprehend and appreciate the value of time and report to work accordingly, shows the willingness to work, and take on the assigned responsibilities with seriousness and displays reliability in terms of meeting timelines.

Resume Writing Tip: A responsible, reliable, and dependable contributor who is committed towards delivering excellence and success.

6. Loyalty

Every employer wants to have employees who have a strong sense of dedication and devotion towards the organization. They look out for individuals who can showcase this quality even in times when the company is not being able to project as much dedication towards it employees owing to certain challenges or reasons.

Resume Writing Tip: A dedicated and utterly loyal individual with an excellent track record with past organisations.

7. Positive Attitude

Employers are always on the lookout for jobseekers with passion, drive, and motivation. There are individuals who get hired and eventually get promoted by dint of their enthusiasm and passion and they actually walk the talk by displaying all these coveted qualities through their words and actions.

Resume Writing Tip: A consistent and energetic performer known for my passion for work, upbeat and positive attitude, and sunny disposition.

8. Self-Motivated

While employers do look for individuals who can perform seamlessly in a team, they also want the candidate to be able to work independently if required with minimal supervision.

Resume Writing Tip: A highly motivated and proactive individual who keenly takes the initiative to function independently if required with minimal supervision.

9. Learning Agility Skill

Irrespective of your age and experience, employers always look out for individuals who have the willingness to learn new skills and techniques. The ever changing and evolving scenario of jobs warrants candidates to have openness towards growing and learning simultaneously with that change.

Resume Writing Tip: An enthusiastic individual who is eager to meet challenges and quickly adapt to new concepts with a hunger for knowledge and a quick learner.

10. Leadership/Management Skills

It is a debatable issue whether leadership or management skills are an inborn quality. However, irrespective of the fact if it is an inborn skill, employers do look out for individuals who have the ability to take change and manage co-workers effectively.

Resume Writing Tip: A leader who is goal oriented and maintains a productive atmosphere by confidently motivating, coaching, and mobilizing co-workers to meet high-performance standards.

11. Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness Skill

Organizations constantly face the issue of diversity and hence potential jobseekers need to compulsorily have the awareness and the sensitivity towards other cultures and people.

Resume Writing Tip: A professional with great cultural sensitivity and the ability to build rapport with a diversified client base or workforce.

12. Planning and Organisation Skill

This quality deals with a jobseeker’s ability to plan, design, organize, and implement projects and tasks within a stipulated time frame.

Resume Writing Tip: A Results-driven individual with excellent skills in planning and organizing, coupled with a high sensed of detail orientation.

13. Teamwork Skill

Considering the scenario where jobs these days require and individual to be part of more than one group, employers seek for individuals who have the ability to work harmoniously with others in a professional manner directed towards achieving a common goal.

Resume Writing Tip: An excellent team player who is capable of building trusted relationships with customers and co-workers.

Possessing employability skills and values are the significant tools and qualities that you need in order to succeed in the workplace. These are elements that you can learn, develop, cultivate, and maintain throughout your lifetime. You need to identify the sought-after skills and values and assess the degree to which you possess them, and then begin to market them by incorporating them into cover letter, resume and interview answers

Byron Conway

Content Coordinator at EmployeeConnect