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    Benefits of competency framework
    17 May
    Benefits of a Competency Framework

    It is fair to say that every business is different. From the corporate level to the employee level, there are always clear nuances that set one enterprise apart from the other. These are often described as competencies - the various skills, abilities, experience, personality traits...

    27 May
    Do you trust your employees to represent your brand?

    Businesses spend years crafting their brand's image and reputation, however, in the age of social media, this can all be lost in a heartbeat. Do you trust your employees with such a valuable and delicate aspect of your company? As the outward facing portion of your...

    20 May
    Are you making full use of your workforce?

    Every employee needs to be as effective as they can if businesses want to operate at full capacity. This allows all staff to feel valued while encouraging productivity and growth. However, this involves much more than just the personal side of a workforce, as available resources...

    06 May
    3 ways to use gamification for engagement

    Keeping employees engaged is one of the eternal struggles for HR managers, requiring a fine balance of rewards and encouragement. The rewards are worth it though, with engaged employees contributing much more to the workplace, in terms of productivity, safety and general culture. Speaking of rewards, these...

    01 May
    Are your night shift workers safe?

    Night shift workers need special attention to ensure their schedules are not leaving them tired and worn out. Are your staff happy and healthy?...

    17 Apr
    How to face the public as a business leader

    Facing the wider public has always been a challenge for some people, with public speaking being one the most common fears throughout our society. These days this is amplified further, with social and digital media allowing our words and thoughts to gain international attention, for...