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    02 Dec
    Ask the expert!

    In the Ask the Expert column of December 2008 Newsletter, Scott Lea, an implementation Consultant, will answer one of the questions raised by a number of our newsletter subscribers. Read beyond to see what our expert recommends. This article is first published in Human Capital magazine...

    28 Aug
    Solutions for Strategic Human Resource Management

    In today’s market, taking a strategic approach to Human Capital Management is the key to sustaining competitive advantage. You need strategies to attract, retain and build talent; strategies that improve workforce efficiency and productivity; and strategies that measure, optimise and predict staff trends. To achieve these...

    16 Aug
    HRIS & Talent Management

    Effective talent management is a challenge for every organisation. Human Capital looks at how technology can help...

    13 Aug
    Reduce the Stress with Employee Self Service (ESS)

    Regardless of the reasons an organisation invests in an employee self-service system, the results following implementation are often the same. Teresa Russell talks to two organisations whose return on ESS investment has unshackled HR from administrative burdens...

    05 Aug
    Amcor rolls out HRpro

    The Australian packaging company Amcor has selected EmployeeConnect’s HRpro to enhance operational efficiency, agility and management of strategic HR processes. By consolidating HR data on a single platform, Amcor will benefit from integrated processes and increased visibility. In addition to eliminating the need for paper transactions,...

    03 Aug
    Partner Profile – Gridpay

    In the Partner Profile of August 2007, we would like to introduce you to Gridpay, one of our preferred provider of outsourced payroll services. Jenny Karkkainen speaks to Tess Lazaris who is Account Services Manager for Gridpay and also one of the founders of the...

    02 Aug
    Ask the expert!

    In the Ask the Expert column of August 2008, Sam McDonald, an experienced EC Technical Consultant, will give his answer to a question sent by one of our Newsletter subscribers. Read beyond to discover what Sam recommends. "I am currently evaluating various HR systems and I...

    27 Jul
    Singapore HR Summit 2008

    Singapore's sixth HR Summit held on Tuesday 6 & Wednesday 7th May was a record breaker - surpassing any previous HR event ever staged in Asia with 3,633 visitors. They were mainly senior human resources professionals and business leaders from across the globe. This year edition...

    21 Jul
    Managing HRIS Change Management

    This article is first published in Human Resource magazine – issue 162. Our organisation is about to deploy a new HRIS which includes Employee Self Service (ESS) and we have been told to spend a significant amount of change management. Why is this and how do...

    11 Jul
    Ask the expert!

    In the Ask the Expert column of March 2008, Sam McDonald, experienced EC Technical Consultant, will answer the question of one of our Newsletter subscribers. Read beyond to see what Sam recommends. It is well known that HRIS systems hold many functions that can help HR...