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    How to sell a HRIS to a CEO
    27 Jun
    How to sell a HRIS to a CEO

    In the business world, many strategic and technological changes are set by a CEO and other senior management professionals. These are the parties who understand the budget restraints and have the ability to pick and choose what an enterprise invests in. However, there are times when...

    HRIS ROI: Justifying the Need for a HR System
    15 Jun
    Building the HRIS business case with ROI

    You have long wanted to implement a HRIS, and your company has just chosen you to present a business case outlining the return on investment (ROI) of implementing such a system. You are well aware of the benefits of implementing a HR system but need...

    Why GoT needs a HRIS
    09 May
    10 Reasons Why Game of Thrones Needs a HRIS

    If you’re a Throner, that’s a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll be all too familiar with the mess that is Westeros. If you’re not, all you need to know is that the world’s biggest fantasy show is the perfect metaphor for poor succession planning, terrible...

    09 May
    Wake up from your HR nightmare

    Moving Away From Spreadsheets   Most organisations and individuals use spreadsheets to store information as well as other certain processes and calculations. Spreadsheets are great, in fact, I use spreadsheets and find them very useful, I have a couple of spreadsheets running daily. They assist me with...

    HR Disruption: Trends & Opportunities
    16 Apr
    HR Disruption: Trends and Opportunities

    If you haven’t started the migration (or should I say integration), to social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies, it’s time to pull your fingers out of your ears and stop that loud singing. Disruptive technologies on these platforms are changing the way HR works. But it’s more...

    How Will Technology Impact HR in 2016?
    08 Jan
    How Will Technology Impact HR in 2016?

    Technology has given HR departments the ability to obtain a wide range of information, in a relatively easy manner. The right HR management software ensures staff are the focus but still requires management to use data in the right way. Research from Hays indicates technology still has...

    What Will 2016 Bring for CIOs?
    16 Dec
    What Will 2016 Bring for CIOs?

    With increased focus on IT security amidst digitalisation, CIOs need to ensure the recruitment process is well managed to hire the right staff....

    How are companies handling cybersecurity
    11 Nov
    How Are Companies Handling Cybersecurity?

    For firms across the globe, cybersecurity is becoming a much more pressing concern. As the threat of cyberattacks continue to evolve, protecting your HR management software becomes all the more critical for securing employee data. Survey shows mixed results in cybersecurity development According to a recent survey from Ernst &...

    What Will 2016 Hold for HR Technology?
    05 Nov
    What Will 2016 Hold for HR Technology?

    Technology is becoming a key part of successful HR departments around the globe. Heading into next year, innovations will change the very nature of this department and improvements in HRIS software will spur a new perspective when it comes to managing employees. Technology to become focused on employees A report...

    15 Sep
    Should Your HR Department Be Concerned About Cyber Security?

    Discussions surrounding cybersecurity have reached critical levels both in Australia and around the world. With businesses and individuals alike reporting numerous attacks, there seems to be a good cause for concern. However, how does the threat of information breaches affect the HR department in particular and...