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How to sell a HRIS to a CEO
27 Jun
How to sell a HRIS to a CEO

In the business world, many strategic and technological changes are set by a CEO and other senior management professionals. These are the parties who understand...

21 Jun
It Is Never Too Late To Define Success

The denotation of success that most people are familiar with is the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted. However, what ultimately separates the successful...

Are HR Managers Scared of Social Media
14 Jun
Are HR Managers Scared of Social Media?

Social media have influenced a large number of software vendors in the recent years, including HR software providers. From the flat design of their interface...

Infographic - The Anatomy of the Engaged Employee
09 Jun
[INFOGRAPHIC] The Anatomy of the Engaged Employee

What if Employee Engagement started with HR Technology? HRIS systems are essentially composed of a suite of interlinked modules that allow employees, managers and HR to connect. Thanks to...