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HR Think Tank

In the first series of HR Leader Magazine’s HR Leader Roundtable – HR Think Tank, six experts from a wide range of sectors were invited to take an in-depth look at the key areas the savvy HR professional must stay on top of. Our National Sales and Marketing Manager, Ari Kopoulos was also invited to this heated but insightful discussion.
Exciting technology evolution for HR
“We’ve been fortunate to have a bit of an evolution in terms of the way things are happening across the internet. On the right hand I have an iphone, and on the left hand I have cloud computing. These are things which deliver some pretty amazing functionality. Maybe the HR world hasn’t captured it quite yet but it’s only a matter of time. And somewhere in between these two things is software-as-a-service. The GFC for us has meant organisations had to deliver measurable results, justify decisions and really deliver a return on investment and essentially make a bulletproof business case in terms of procurement. So metrics have become extremely important. HR are asking questions like; “what’s the effect of training on my performance”, “what’s the effect of training on my OHS incident rate” and it’s that deep insight which the metrics deliver that we have seen more and more requests for. So in terms of evolution – cross functional reporting is important and a bulletproof business case is a definite requirement moving forward. The other area that is delivering a lot of change is the way social media is impacting the workplace and in particular how an HRIS solution can interact with that. Eventually you’re looking at a situation whereby a recruitment request is going to match me with a deep search in LinkedIn and bring up my top five applicants. From a software development perspective, it’s a really exciting period ahead.”

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Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect