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The Importance of Teamwork in HR Management

Human Resource (HR) Management encourages teamwork in workplaces to effectively increase employee motivation and loyalty, best meeting the Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Moreover, employee teamwork encourages a range of increased benefits which includes; increased productivity and efficiency, improved quality and costs, reduced destructive internal competition, developed employee skills and further improved workplace cohesiveness.

  1. Increases Productivity and Efficiency

Through the encouragement of teamwork within an organisation, HR Management can effectively ensure that work productivity and efficiency is increased. This means that employees are more likely to work much faster to complete large projects that generally may take weeks in merely a matter of days.

This could be achieved whereby employee teamwork has encouraged employees to effectively split tasks between each other or to share the workload.  This efficiently encourages employees to work more effectively as an immense pressure of large work has been taken away from the employee. Moreover, an employee may be stuck in a certain area of the task/activity at hand, although due to the organisations HR Management team encouraging teamwork the employee may seek for advice from others, to which in turn the employee may productively finish the activity in a timely and efficient manner.

  1. Improves Quality and Costs

Through an effective HR manager encouraging teamwork to the employees of an organisation, an essential increase in improvement of quality and reduction of costs may be seen. The improvement of quality is seen whereby due to encouraging collaborations through teamwork a range of increased ideas, perspective and angles to undertake an activity may be brought forth to tackle the problems at hand. Further due to varying skillsets of employees an effective conclusion will likely be found at the highest level of intelligence, which is largely applicable due to the wide skillset and knowledge base found in a team environment.

The reduction of costs may be seen wherein the case of an employee working on a project by themselves it is more increasingly likely that a mistake that needs fixing may take a larger period of time to fix which is detrimental to an organisation. On the other hand, when working in teams, other employees are constantly proofreading, examining and further discussing ideas and workpieces to which any detrimental mistake may be noticed and efficiently adjusted and fixed in a largely timely manner, effectively reducing the costs organisations face when not working in a team environment.

  1. Reduces Destructive Internal Competition

Due to an efficient HR manager effectively ensuring that teamwork is being utilised within the organisation a corresponding reduction of destructive internal competition may be seen. Destructive internal competition is a form of competition between an organisation’s employees through which these employees disregard, hinder and further negatively impact an organisation from meeting internal activities and goals due to self-goal actualisation.

Correspondingly, it is largely important to HR managers to ensure that teamwork is encouraged as effective teamwork acts in a manner to mitigate the damage of internal competition. Through working in a team-based culture an employee can achieve personal goals and further organisational goals efficiently and effectively through working with other employees within the organisation. This is largely the most ideal outcome a HR manager wishes to achieve thus, consistent communication of the importance of teamwork and working well with others must be known and must be pushed to employees within the organisation.

  1. Develops Employee Skills

With the increase of encouraging teamwork within the workplace of an organisation, HR managers may see a likely increase in employee skills. This increase in skills being developed is due to teams encouraging mentorship and training in order to develop an employee’s skill set. Employees that have greater experience and expertise in one skill are likely to encourage and in turn develop other employees who are not strong in that certain skill.

In turn, due to the increase of the employee skill through teamwork being encouraged within the organisation it may be seen that HR managers are effectively meeting employees EVP. This in turn results in employees having increased employee satisfaction levels, increased motivation levels and further a corresponding increase to both work quality and productivity may be seen.

  1. Improves Workforce Cohesiveness

HR Managers that can encourage teamwork effectively within the organisation will see a dramatic improvement in workforce cohesiveness. This is due to employees constantly being encouraged to work in teams which in turn has ensured that there are shared goals, constant employee support, greater responsibility management and further increased peer-to-peer trust within the workplace.

Likewise, this will likely ensure key metrics such as absenteeism, turnover rates, job satisfaction and employee stress levels are all being positively influenced due to the positive workforce cohesiveness. In turn, HR managers are constantly encouraging teamwork to employees within the organisation whilst further measuring key metrics within the organisation to better develop employees and encourage a positive working culture and environment for all employees.


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