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Employee Satisfaction

5 Ways to Ensure Employee Satisfaction for the rest of 2022

2022 has been a largely interesting year so far, organisations have had to deal with new regulations, overcome COVID-19 problems and further adjust to a constant turmoil of change. Throughout this period there has constantly been a common question that HR departments ask themselves. What is that question you ask? “How can I ensure employee satisfaction within the organisation is positive?”

Well, based on the current trends that have occurred, going into the second half of 2022 here are 5 ways to ensure that you are guaranteeing high levels of employee satisfaction for the rest of 2022.

Provide Flexible Work Arrangements

We all know that 2022 has redefined the way companies ensure that employees work within an organisation. There has been a major trend for employees working remotely through working specifically at home to complete day-to-day operations and activities within the company. For many employees this flexibility due to COVID-19 has been extremely helpful whereby it has effectively ensured employees have a positive mental well-being as well as assisting employees who are parents to look after their kids at home whilst working in turn this has generated respective employee satisfaction. This poses a decision that HR departments must make, to bring employees back to work in the office or not. Considering an employee-centric approach HR department must assess the current situation within the organisation and if it is beneficial to the organisation and further employee well-being a balance from working from home and working within the office should be capitalised to ensure employee satisfaction is achieved.

Ensure Learning Is More Accessible

Employees are constantly demanding that their access to knowledge and improving personal skills are being met through working within an organisation. HR teams must ensure that the respective learning programs are being provided to these employees to continually engage and satisfy employee needs and wants. A powerful way to effectively ensure this is being conducted throughout 2022 is through a Human Resource Information System (HRIS). HRIS will effectively ensure that employees are receiving respective learning modules to meet their needs whilst generating employee satisfaction within the organisation. Moreover, through a HRIS system it is possible that a development plan could be generated which effectively guides an employee through their career path. This ensures that employees are learning the necessary skills to move forward within an organisation whilst having a HR department assist the employees learning and development through every step of the way assuring employee satisfaction is being achieved.

Provide Positive Reinforcement

Throughout 2022 employee motivation to do more and work harder is not just influenced through monetary rewards systems. In order to assure employee satisfaction there has been a strong need for HR departments to guarantee that employees are being constantly recognised for their achievements whether that be through recognising employees for performing well in daily operations or through the celebration of the little things such as anniversaries working within an organisation. HRIS provides HR management with a platform to effectively recognise these achievements through capturing data of performance or length within organisations and then sending personalised messages to these employees to ensure they are being positively reinforced. In turn, it can be noted that it is highly important to continually reinforce employees throughout 2022 to keep the employee satisfaction levels high yet also ensuring employees gain a sense of value working within an organisation.

Engagement Surveys

The most common way to identify and confirm whether or not an employee is satisfied within the organisation is through engagement surveys. Engagement surveys are a constant way that HR departments are able to capture data and provide both real and relevant details unto how to work towards ensuring a particular metric is being positively influenced. This is largely important going throughout 2022, surveys are a must use to ensure employee engagement is achieved and should constantly be looked at for key decision-making choices for HR teams to ensure employee satisfaction is attained within an organisation. One effective way in which this could be done going towards the rest of 2022 is through utilising HRIS to send either weekly or monthly pulse surveys to capture results on how employee satisfaction levels are currently within the organisation. In turn, utilising the data captured HR teams should make critical choices to make changes to increase employee satisfaction or find ways to ensure HR management are keeping employee satisfaction levels how they currently stand.

Create A Positive Work Culture

Moving towards the end of 2022 a simple and largely effective way to ensure that employees are satisfied within an organisation is through creating a positive work culture. It is largely known that providing employees with a positive work culture can not only effectively increase employee satisfaction levels but further raise morale, increase productivity, motivate teamwork and further improve retention. When thinking of way to implement and further develop the work culture of an organisation it is important to ensure you meet employees’ values whilst further considering achieving a positive employee well-being once the culture has been created. For some organisations throughout 2022 this may be achieved through conducting online activities, out of the office experiences or even in office meals or drinks giving employees a break and ensuring employees enjoy themselves whilst at work to effectively generate employee satisfaction.

Jake Amodeo