21 Fun Office Christmas Party Ideas, Games & Activities for Work
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21 Fun Office Christmas Party Ideas, Games & Activities for Work

Celebrating the Christmas holidays with office workers is always fun and exciting. However, planning how you spend the whole day and coming up with different unique ideas and games to make your employee’s Christmas memorable can be a bit challenging. So, to help you in this regard, we have gathered several best office Christmas party ideas, games, and activities that can definitely bring you heaps of fun and joy. Want to know what these are? Let’s dig further!

1. Ugly Christmas Sweater

One of the fun office Christmas party ideas is asking employees to come up in the ugliest-looking sweaters. The employee can either buy one from a thrift store or pick a plain one and embellish it later. Arrange a runway where everyone can showcase their ugly sweaters and give a prize to the ugliest one. Setting up a craft station to allow employees to decorate each other’s sweaters is also a great idea! 

2. Christmas Tree Decoration Competition 

The Christmas tree decoration competition is an old Christmas idea, but it’s fun to try it with your coworkers during an office party. Bring different small Christmas trees and divide groups into teams. Give a tree to each team and ask them to come up with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree within 20 to 30 minutes. After that, let each team explain their design and choose the winner with the best tree decoration. This can be a great team-building practice

3. Secret Desk Decoration

This is the most exciting office party game, and it’s called secret desk decoration. In this, instead of exchanging Christmas presents, employees get paired up and design each other’s working desks secretly. As it’s done with secrecy, you must ensure the other coworkers are away while the ones assigned decoration are working. In the end, employees have to guess which coworker designed their table.

Secret Desk Decoration

4. Pet Costume Contest

Who doesn’t love bringing their furry friend to their office party and having a great time? In a pet costume contest party, employees can dress their kitties or canine friends in their best costumes and walk with them on the ramp. The worker with the best furry friend costume wins the contest and gets an award. Taking pet pictures on Santa’s lap is also a good idea! 

5. Escape Room

The next one on the list is the escape room game, which fills the employees with excitement and requires proper brain focus. For this, fill a room with different puzzles and set a timer to solve the puzzle. Everyone can work together to solve the puzzle and then escape the room before time runs out. Jewel heist and Escape Quest are the most commonly played games in this regard.

Escape Room

6. Photo Booth

Create a DIY photo booth for your office Christmas party, as it’s inexpensive and brings a bundle of joy. Collect some Santa hats, elf ears, jingle bells, garlands, or other Christmas goodies and place them around the booth. Anyone coming for a photo can wear them and get a wonderful Christmas office party photo clicked. Don’t forget to make the background wintery by adding fake snow, garland, and fairy lights.

7. Pyjama Party

Opening Christmas presents in a pair of comfy pyjamas is what everyone wants, so why not arrange a pyjama party in your office? You can ask your employees to come in the funkiest or fuzzy pyjamas they own and make the office party comfier. Serving hot coffee with choco cookies to them can make the environment more homily. 

8. Holiday Movie Night

While arranging an office Christmas party, you can’t overlook the introverted employees. So, to ensure everyone’s having a fun-filled day, arrange a holiday movie night. Besides, movie nights help in relieving work stress and bring nostalgia. Home Alone, Klaus, and A Christmas Story are some of the best Christmas movie suggestions for an office party. 

Holiday Movie Night

9. Holiday Trivia

Another amazing office party game is holiday trivia, in which you split employees into teams and ask them holiday season-based questions. The categories can vary from food to movies, traditions, and mythology. Each team should be given a bell or buzzer, and the team giving the quickest correct answers wins. 

10. Indoor Snowball Fight

An indoor snowball fight seems like the best office Christmas party game that brings out the most mischievous sides of your employees. Order several snowball kits having soft cloth balls and split members into teams. Give a kit to each team and blow the whistle. The team with the lowest ball hits becomes the winner, while the team with the most hits loses.

11. Board Games

Whether you are planning an office party or a family one, board games never get old. Typically, board games are played using blocks or elements on a hardboard surface. Monopoly is one of the best board games to play with your employees, allowing them to try out their strategic approaches.

Board Games

12. Explore Local Attractions

Christmas is a great time to let us think outside the box, and especially if you are hosting an office Christmas party, then trying something new is always great. So, for this Christmas, take your employees to nearby attractions like museums, art studios, historical sites, etc. This gives workers a chance to relax and explore the city!

13. Volunteer Together

Christmas is a great way to give something back to the needy instead of throwing a big party in the office or spending time arranging an Office Christmas party. Ask your employees if they are willing to volunteer for half a day on Christmas. If so, gather donations and donate them to a nearby shelter home or a humanity centre. Volunteering together can bring a sense of calmness and satisfaction to your employees.

Volunteer Together

14. Wellness Session

Sometimes employees get stressed due to the hectic routine of managing official deadlines. So, to give them the best-relaxed environment on Christmas, it’s best to arrange a wellness session instead of having a party in the office. It’s also inexpensive compared to a fancy office Christmas party. You can hire a yoga and fitness instructor or practise some wellness activities and different types of yoga with your employees. 

15. Food Truck 

What could be more fun for an office Christmas party than renting the most famous food truck in the city for your employees? You can surprise employees by announcing the arrival of their favourite food truck and offering them a free feast for a day. It’s the best party in the office idea and creates a festive atmosphere!

16. Cooking Sessions

Many of us get overwhelmed between managing Christmas decorations and cooking delicious festive food. So, to help your employees in this case, you can arrange cooking sessions as an office Christmas party theme. Hire a cook and allow your employees to learn unique and quick Christmas recipes. It definitely makes the most fantastic party in the office experience for many.

Cooking Sessions

17. Silent Disco

Grooving to your favourite song is all fun, and doing this in your office is even funnier! Silent disco night is a great idea for an office Christmas party in which employees are given their headphones, and the DJ plays their favourite songs. Everyone can dance and enjoy without having to listen to shrieking music all around. Outside observers see a silent room and people dancing madly in the workplace. You can make this party in the office idea better by adding fur or other ornaments to the headphones. 

18. Make the Ice-cream

Ice cream is a great dessert and loved by many, so why not bring an ice cream machine to your office and let your employees get crafty? Placing an ice cream machine in your office for a day is outstanding if you want to arrange a Christmas party in the office. The employees can get their favourite ice cream and have their favourite sprinkles all over it. Eating ice cream while joking around with coworkers is definitely a great office party idea. 

19. Guess the Coworker

Christmas always brings back childhood memories, and to make it more nostalgic, Guess the Coworker is the most suitable office party game. Ask all your employees to bring their childhood Christmas pictures and paste them on a board with specific numbers. Gather all the employees and give them a chance to guess who is who. The one with the most right guesses is the winner!

Guess the Coworker

20. Take the Cup

If you want to give the employees a sudden boost, then there’s nothing better for your office party than this take on the cup game. In this, you place a cup between your two employees and ask them to touch their shoulders, squat down, etc., and shout, “take it or snatch,” when no one’s expecting. The employee who takes the cup first wins the game. 

21. Christmas Cards

Christmas is a perfect time to thank your employees and tell them about their remarkable contribution to the office by giving them Christmas cards. Someone rightly said, “A word of appreciation can go a long way” and make others feel motivated. So, for this purpose, bring different empty cards and distribute them among your colleagues and co-workers. Give them time to write personalised messages for others, and then give them to the concerned person. It’s a great Christmas party in the office or an office party idea that may seem old but is essential.


Arranging an office Christmas party isn’t complicated if you have a set of unique ideas, activities, and games to play with your employees. A holiday office party can make your workers feel motivated, relaxed, and more dedicated to work. So, don’t wait and pick your favourite Christmas party in the office idea from the ones discussed above and have a fun-filled Christmas Eve! 


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