HR leaders must adapt to meet needs of evolving workforce
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HR leaders must adapt to meet needs of evolving workforce

Today’s Human Resource leaders are not equipped with the skills or tools they need to deal with many of the major trends influencing today’s changing workforce.

That’s the key message of Deloitte’s latest Global Human Capital Trends report, which surveyed more than 2,500 business and HR leaders about the HR challenges facing modern global organisations.

According to the report, 34 per cent of business and HR leaders today have little faith in their HR and talent programs, believing these initiatives are either ‘getting by’ or ‘underperforming’.

Meanwhile, Deloitte reported that less than 10 per cent of modern HR leaders believe their teams are properly equipped to meet modern talent management challenges.

Deloitte Australia’s Human Capital Leader David Brown says that one of the biggest outcomes of the report is the conclusion that “doing more is not enough”.

Instead, Mr Brown believes organisations need to completely rethink their approach to HR and talent management in order to ensure they are achieving desired outcomes.

“Organisations are now seeing a new workforce, one that’s younger, more demanding, and more dynamic than ever. It is a time for organisations to do things differently,”  said Mr Brown in a statement.

This survey speaks volumes about the value of modern HR management software, which is quickly proving to be an essential solution for businesses looking to tackle the employment challenges of today’s vibrant business landscape.

As evidence, one need only consider the two top challenges named by HR leaders in Deloitte’s study – leadership (86 per cent) and retention and engagement (79 per cent).

Because modern HRMS solutions are equipped with modules designed to assist with both developing and engaging your most important team members, this technology can offer a huge ROI in terms of helping HR departments overcome key challenges and achieve long-term business objectives.

Utilising HR technology is all part of evolving to meet the requirements of a 21st century organisation, which Mr Brown has defined as being “global, highly connected, and demanding”.

“Organisations, and specifically HR leaders, need to better adapt if they want to attract, engage and develop the right talent in today’s competitive marketplace,” said Mr Brown.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect