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How the HR Roles are Changing in 2022?

In today’s current business environment, it can be noticed that Human Resources roles are undergoing major change and transformation from the utilisation of modern-day HR reporting software to an increased strategic mindset and focus. Previously HR roles would often complete a wide range of tasks and activities manually, which was extremely time-consuming and reduced the time HR professionals had to look after organisational employees properly.

Although now it may be observed due to HR reporting software such as EmployeeConnect, it can be found that HR managers are able to free up a wide amount of time to effectively look after employees properly and be extremely strategic. Furthermore, HR managers are now dealing with a larger spectrum of management, going through the entire employee lifecycle and ensuring employees are well looked after and managed. In this blog we have gone into depth explaining to you what each new and more focused role HR managers are facing in the changing environment today.

More Technological Mindset

With the innovation of technologies, HR roles have experienced major change. HR has now become more involved in utilising technology to assist daily operations. Specifically, this is seen whereby HR managers will often utilise HR reporting software to effectively increase the speed of task completion, automating administrative load and driving HR efficiencies to ensure that work is completed at great standards at higher speeds.

Although some individuals fear that technological automation will make employees redundant, this is false in the HR department. HR software needs great HR professionals to utilise and guide information and practice to ensure the best possible decisions and results are being achieved.

Further, in today’s landscape with COVID-19 HR roles have become extremely more technological sound. This is due to the introduction of remote working, whereby HR professionals need to work from home and utilise HR reporting software to effectively stay connected and productive.

More Strategic on HR Roles

With the increase in HR roles becoming more technologically sound, this has a corresponding result in HR professionals becoming increasingly more strategic. Specifically, this may be due to technology providing automation that reduces the need of completing unnecessary tasks, allowing for HR professionals to have more time in their working schedules.

With this freed up time more and more HR departments are increasingly shifting towards working on strategy. This involves devising both long- and short-term initiatives and goals that can help HR departments achieve their main objectives. As such many HR professionals have utilised HR reporting software to get data surrounding key employee decisions, to ensure that an employee’s EVP (employee value proposition) is being fully maintained and looked after.

Greater Collaboration

HR is undergoing major change whereby HR roles are not only working with those employees throughout their departments but further working cross-functionally. This may be seen whereby HR leaders often collaborate effectively with marketers to develop critical strategies to promote and attract top talent.

HR professionals will need to understand and utilise not just traditional methodologies but new age methods of finding the best candidates. This includes utilising social media platforms such as LinkedIn to advertise roles to the correct people, whilst further coming up with catchy and attractive job descriptions with the help of marketers to effectively gain a lot of quality candidates.

Increased Focus on Employee Wellbeing

The HR roles have gained an increasing push towards ensuring that employees wellbeing is being cared for and looked after. Many great HR professionals have identified that taking the necessary steps to effectively improve the mental health of the organisational workforce is extremely beneficial.

Specifically, when employees are being well looked after benefits such as increased productivity, job satisfaction and workplace happiness may be attained. Likewise, many HR departments utilise HR reporting tools and observation to assess the level of employee’s wellbeing and ensure they take necessary action to continually push towards improving employee wellbeing.

Improved Analytical Emphasis

With the push of artificial intelligence, technology and critical data capture HR roles have an increased role to be more analytically focused. With the movement into the digital age, HR teams will now have real data that can inform and back up critical HR decisions. It may be seen that HR will turn to HR reporting software to confirm cultural, retention, engagement and everyday strategies.

Moreover, with the push into more analytical data HR departments may gain critical information that will allow managers to assess what areas in the organisation need improvement. If the data identifies a certain department is underperforming, HR roles may take necessary action to motivate and develop this department to bring success to the business.

Greater Employee Engagement

Employees have been found to be more productive once engaged at work. Likewise, new HR roles continually aiming to improve the overall level of employee engagement to effectively ensure that productivity levels are brought to an all-time high, whilst further satisfying employees throughout the entire organisation.

HR managers will utilise HR reporting software to identify if employees are underperforming, are disengaged or dissatisfied. Once this has been identified it is time for HR professionals to make necessary decisions to reinvigorate the employees’ level of engagement and satisfaction to boost productivity and performance.

If you need a HR reporting software to not only increase your HR departments strategic push but also improve employee engagement, workplace collaboration, workplace wellbeing and many more benefits sign up for an EmployeeConnect demo.

Jake Amodeo