5 Ways to Engage Employees Through Social Media
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5 Ways to Engage Employees Through Social Media

Social media plays a largely integral role in today’s innovative business environment. With the advancement of technology and the outbreak of an age built upon the internet, social media has climbed to the top in raising awareness yet also engaging individuals in business today. Today managers have found various strategies through the usage of the businesses social media platform to effectively engage their employees at home and within the office.

Furthermore, access to social media has been reported to have an advantage through the ability to boost employee morale and subsequently the productivity of organisational employees. When done correctly there is an overall benefit of social media within the workplace which can effectively increase employee satisfaction levels and further enhance employee multitasking skills.

In turn, managers will want to capitalise on social media as a tool to effectively engage employees to capture the subsequent benefits. Correspondingly, provided below are five effective ways to engage employees through social media.

Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is a powerful tool to effectively engage employees with work through social media. Employee advocacy is the ability of managers to effectively get employees to talk about the company with the overall goal of effectively benefiting the organisation. Social media is a major tool that can encourage employee advocacy, this is largely due to employees being able to share content, express their opinions and further engage with the organisation to their outside social networks.

Managers may further ensure that engaging their employees through employee advocacy on social media is being utilised to attain a form of business marketing. This may be done through advocacy programs whereby managers may effectively send out emails to employees within the organisation encouraging them to be the advocates for the business, potentially the employees who are engaged and advocating the organisation may effectively be rewarded.

Appealing Content

Appealing content is another great way to engage your employees through the organisation’s social media. Specifically, this may include posting relevant content on social media platforms such as blogs, events and a wide variety of things the employees within your organisation may be interested in. Blog posts are a largely useful way to effectively engage your organisations’ employees. This is due to the employee having an overall interest in the organisation and what content is being pushed may be relevant to the organisations’ activities they are partaking within.

Further when providing an array of appealing content that engages your employees within the organisation a relevant engagement on the wider community may be effectively captured. This is seen whereby the content that is being provided is powerful enough to appeal to the audience of employees inside the business, in turn, the content will effectively be easily conveyed to the wider community.


Gamification is another effective way to engage employees within the organisation through social media. Gamification has been defined as the application of game mechanics in nongame environments. In turn, gamification is to be utilised in creating activities to effectively encourage employee engagement through social media activities.  This may be done whereby the goal of gamification is to make social media fun.

This means that when an employee is actively participating in social media in a positive way that influences the company, a corresponding reward may be attained. Further, this may be achieved in a friendly and competitive manner against fellow employees within the organisation each competing to best advocate for the company to attain a prize reward.


Training may further be utilised to efficiently engage employees through the utilisation of social media. This may effectively be achieved whereby the organisation may effectively offer training programs to help develop employee skills relating to the usage of social media. Further, the training option may include a workplace social media usage policy course to ensure that employees are utilising social media in a productive way when at work.

Moreover, the benefits that may be attained through effectively training your employee surrounding the topic of social media may include a corresponding enhancement of their ability to post quality content. This may effectively be utilised to advocate the organisation and in turn, effectively increase brand awareness for the business.

Engagement Surveys

Engagement surveys are a dominant tool that should be effectively utilised to engage employees through social media. This may be done whereby the organisation may conduct engaging surveys that capture the employee’s opinions on the company’s social media. In turn, through the responses attained the organisation may utilise the feedback to enhance and improve the social media page for the business.

This effectively ensures that the business is developing a social media page that strongly engages the employees within the organisation based upon their opinions that have been put into action. Furthermore, a corresponding engagement has been attained through the utilisation of engagement surveys to effectively communicate and further gain the thoughts of the organisational employees.

Jake Amodeo