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Case study: Diverseco

Case Study: Diverseco

About Diverseco

  • Employees: 200
  • Location: Adelaide, Australia

Diverseco specialise in engineering, manufacturing, and professional services. Their comprehensive suite of services includes all that are required for the successful delivery of projects, including: business analysis, systems design, product design, drafting, prototyping, testing, engineering, fabrication, certification, assembly of components on and off site, site installation and commissioning, and ongoing after-sales service and support.

Quick comments:

  • There has been many an occasion on this journey, where we have looked to EmployeeConnect for guidance, advice and support – outside of their scope – for example; there was a situation where the payroll integration advice did not appear correct from the payroll vendor, and EmployeeConnect were able to recommend a solution.
  • The biggest advantage of the system is the ability to configure a bespoke infrastructure, enable legal obligations to be transparent, facilitate dashboard reporting for real time and informed decision making and progressively release each module, in a sequential manner, on a self-kiosk approach, which allows for 100% user adoption rate.
  • We have rebranded the EmployeeConnect system as Diverseco People Connect, branded our logo and loaded real life photos of our people, as we see this as an employee owned tool, which enables empowerment through ‘employee information on demand’, whether it is a policy or it is hopping onto our LMS through the Moodle platform to watch a WSW compliance program, refresh on a training initiative or watch a Ted Talk to encourage innovation. We also have the ability to ‘push’ policies out for compliance and accordingly training and link this into the Enterprise Bargaining Process for wage reviews.



  • Poor governance and lacking a complete database for tracking compliance
  • Manual processes time consuming administration and paperwork
  • Industrial oversight and errors

Diverseco was undergoing a process of growth and technology infrastructure change management with the aim to reduce manual processing across their nation-wide footprint. These challenges above contributed to overpayments and lack of leave control which ultimately is costly and left employees disgruntled. It had also made managing the workforce quite difficult for the HR Team and upper management. Which in turn affected efficiency, morale, and employee engagement. It was established that a HR System was needed to be implemented to manage functions such as employee data life cycle changes, position establishment and management, licences, compliance, performance, recruitment, and onboarding.



  • Paperless onboarding and induction process
  • Streamlined processes and centralised employee data
  • Recruitment processes are now automated and streamlined
  • Performance streamlined and measured

Diverseco procured the complete EmployeeConnect solution with the strategic intent of reforming all our paper-based human resource Employment Lifecycle processes so as to improve productivity, create better engagement with our employees, demonstrate transparency in our policies and processes. Create a learning environment and cost effectively meet our legislative and ethical obligations as a best practice employer.

How did you find the implementation process / how long did it take / was it complicated or straightforward?

“The implementation was straightforward as its clear EmployeeConnect is experienced in project management. EmployeeConnect issued a project management plan with timelines, dates and lead EmployeeConnect team members. The process took longer than expected however that is because our Executive Committee determined to consolidate from 12 businesses into 1 Company. This created some statutory obligations and affected the project plan timelines. EmployeeConnect were professional provided the flexibility required to account for this change management process. As the implementation resumed, we have found them to be clear in their goal of achieving success for our Company, committed to agreed actions and the overall EmployeeConnect team are always responsive in our requirements and needs.”- Elizabeth Panayi

Do your employees use the system often / do they find it easy to use?

“The system has been mandated for all timesheets, leave management, performance development reviews, learning and policies. Therefore, there is no ‘opt in or opt out’ choice. For our mobile employees, EmployeeConnect have optimised some of the buttons so they can complete ‘on the run’ timecards for project management planning. Key to user adoption is to release a module that requires 100% user adoption and then ‘slow burn’ release the remaining modules.” – Elizabeth Panayi

How easily can you access support?

“Accessing support is one aspect of solid customer relationship management. EmployeeConnect are accessible all the time but most importantly, they are responsive to our questions, and queries and committed to always providing solutions and responses to our needs. Each EmployeeConnect member has a personalised approach to establishing, building, and maintaining relationships and it, therefore, makes it easier for both parties to collaborate for successful outcomes.” – Elizabeth Panayi

Have you used the performance review module – how do you find this?

“We have customised the performance development review process purposely and; using our Strategic Directions Document; aligned it (through templates) to cascade metrics/key performance indicators for occupation streams and; also mirrored conditions associated with the Fair Work Act in terms of conduct (values, behaviors and taboos) and performance (technical occupation metrics). This incorporates a metric-based approach that links to a Performance Improvement Plan, which enables transparency of managing underperformers and meets our legislation requirements whilst managing any worker’s compensation risks. It also incorporates a learning needs report so as to ensure that we can understand the national training needs, prioritise budget and create an annual training calendar.” – Elizabeth Panayi



  • A sophisticated intuitive cloud-based software product that has the infrastructure, flexibility and agility to be configured (at times customised) to fit our unique market sector requirements and occupation streams.
  • Transform from manual administration to automated workflows.
  • Partnering with a values-based vendor/team who is committed to a) understanding our company and our business; b) truly partnering with us for mutual success and c) continually building their app to extend their offering and support their client’s needs through the delivery of a ‘can do and go the extra mile’ attitude.
  • EmployeeConnect’s ability to connect with our payroll, ERP, financial, reporting, web services and content providers for efficiencies and better employee user adoption and also client/candidate experiences.
  • Enabling company transparency through capabilities such as workflow & rule driven processes to enforce and automate our policies and legislative obligations. This is instrumental in the legislative arena of evidence-based approaches and sets the employer in a favorable view in a Fair Work Commission or Tribunal situation.
  • Direct connectivity to a learning management platform which enables us to ‘write our own content’ or procure compliance content and ‘push’ that content to our employees as part of creating a learning organisation which links to ‘best practice’ practices. We have built into our EBA and company policies that wage increases are conditional upon compliance of learning content pushed through this portal.
  • Increased retention of our employees through modules such as recruitment, onboarding remuneration, succession planning, culture surveys, recognition and WHS.
  • The customisation of our performance development review process which we have purpose configured to align to our unique sector and mirror conditions associated with the Fair Work Act in terms of conduct (values) and performance (technical occupation ability). This incorporates a metric based approach that links to a Performance Improvement Plan and ensures that we are meeting our legislative requirements in any legislation environment. It also captures the learning needs so as to ensure that we can understand the training needs, prioritise budget and create a training offering annually.


Why would you recommend Employee Connect as an HRIS provider?

EmployeeConnect is a dynamic solution that can integrate with many platforms and allows for real-time decision-making on your most important asset, your people. The feature-rich product, recently extended with payroll, award interpretation, and rostering, delivers a very compelling value proposition.

EmployeeConnect is built in such a way that supports cost-effective customisation, or in most cases, through configuration. This means you can map your processes and business rules, like for like. EmployeeConnect continually reaches out to us for product feedback and input when modernising further products. They are communicative, responsive and solution focussed.

Elizabeth Panayi - Diverseco

Elizabeth Panayi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in Diverseco

Byron Conway

Content Coordinator at EmployeeConnect