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Employee Productivity

5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

The importance of ensuring employees are highly productive when at work has been largely recognised by the wider audience of Human Resource (HR) managers. Employee productivity effectively increases the success of an organisation through utilising the full capacity of the internal resources the organisation has available. The benefits of employee productivity include an increase in goal attaining, task completion, more motivated staff and increased job satisfaction.

To effectively attain and motivate employee productivity within the workplace managers must continually engage and monitor employees. Studies show that employee engagement is the greatest way to encourage employee productivity within the workplace. Through the effective utilisation of various tools and actions employees may become engaged within the workplace and effectively will have a likely increase to productivity.

Correspondingly, it has become an integral role of HR managers to develop well-defined strategies to effectively increase employee productivity. Below are five essential ways to ensure managers are increasing employee workplace productivity.

Provide the Right Technology  

Effectively providing employees with the right technology to utilise whilst at work is essential to ensure high levels of employee productivity is being attained. To ensure you are increasing employee productivity it becomes essential to consider the technological tools that may be largely beneficial for the employee. If the technology, you wish to provide to the employee effectively reduces and eliminates the need for repetitive tasks and makes the employees job increasingly simplified the tool is perfect. The increase in work efficiency that technology further provides is essential as it may mitigate and in turn eliminates the pressure that may be applied to employees when not utilising technology.

Moreover, when an employee is provided with the right technology to utilise in completing their workplace activities it may encourage further innovation and creativity for the employee. Technology allows employees to effectively think outside of the box, this is where employees may utilise technology for not only work activities that get the tasks done but also work towards completing activities that promote the business and further coordinate efforts between individual workplace employees.

Training and Development

Ensuring that training and development are given to employees will effectively increase employee productivity. Training and development are largely important for employees to increase workplace productivity as when an employee is provided with the necessary knowledge that increases the employee’s skill set, in which workplace activities become much simpler and in turn may become largely more motivating to complete.

Essentially, when an employee learns and develops the various new skills and becomes more acquainted with completing a task, a respective boost in the employee confidence level may be increased. In turn, with the increase in the employee’s skills and further the boost of confidence that training and development provides employees can work more productively to complete tasks.

Encourage Goal Setting

When effectively encouraging goal setting within the workplace managers can ensure they are increasing employee productivity. Goal setting works to effectively increase employee productivity as when an employee has a goal, they wish to achieve they will work harder towards reaching this goal. When managers encourage employees to set goals an effective drive for increased employee performance is respectively being pushed.

To encourage goal setting to reach the highest level of productivity for employee’s, managers must ensure when an employee achieves a goal, they wish to attain they recognise and celebrate this with the employee. When done correctly this will assure that employees stay motivated to work towards goals in the workplace and will work faster to achieve goals to receive the same level of satisfaction and recognition that they received before.

Show Support

Showing large support to employees working within the organisation is essential for managers to ensure that they are increasing employee productivity. Employees working within an organisation value support from management when it comes to encouraging a healthy working environment that will encourage productive work. Management must show support for employees as it will encourage employee happiness and respectively will ensure employees know that when they face difficulties management will be flexible and will assist employees in any way possible.

Another great way to ensure management shows support for employees is through encouraging teamwork. When managers support teamwork, it will ensure those team members and feel encouraged to work more productively in assisting each other complete activities with the positive reinforcement of management. In turn, it becomes essential for managers to constantly show support in all areas they can for employees to have an increase in productivity.

Reduce Workplace Distractions

Essential to achieving employee productivity within the workplace is through the reduction of workplace distractions. Workplace distractions hinder the ability of employees to work to their full potential and in turn, must be removed by managers to effectively increase the productivity levels of the workplace.

To effectively reduce workplace distractions managers may encourage employees to consider not utilising unnecessary technology (such as texting, personal emails, etc). Further, employees may become distracted due to unnecessary objects within the workplace such as clocks that make loud noises which should be removed. Moreover, if employees need to discuss tasks, providing them with a separate area such as a conference room or a quiet space to discuss activities will reduce the distraction placed on other employees working. In turn, through reducing a variety of workplace distractions employee productivity will be effectively increased.

Jake Amodeo