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Top 3 tips to stay connected with your team

Working as a team seems simple enough in theory. Yes, we are all friendly and yes, we get on, but that isn’t all you need for a functional, productive business.

As a member of higher management, it’s easy to seem disconnected from your employees. However, taking steps to bond the team together can massively boost morale on the ground.

Reward the team

Sometimes a ‘well done’ or a ‘good job’ doesn’t quite do justice for an employee’s hard work. A reward that is both cheap and popular among staff is food. From a full spread lunch to some drinks and chips on a Friday night, teams love anything that they can enjoy without chucking in any of their hard-earned cash. Some may call it a bribe for harder work or more enthusiasm, but a reward can easily pick up morale in the office. Consider introducing an ‘Employee of the Month’ award to both reward and challenge them at the same time.

Know your team

Often there is nothing worse than starting a new job and not being introduced to higher management. The feeling of being just another ‘cog in the system’ can soon set in and can even spread across the floor, decreasing productivity and respect for those higher. Not only is it important to meet with those who are new, but also established employees. Keep the communication lines open and attend meetings so when problems do arise, there is more of a chance your employees will come and talk to you about it.

Another way to engage with the employees is by introducing HR recruitment software. The software can help to define goals and objectives that help the employees recognise what areas of their performance they can work on.

Treat everyone equally

It’s the teacher’s pet example from school – nobody in the class (or office) wants someone treated differently from everyone else. In the office, this corresponds to training and succession planning. If employees need to be trained in key skills, provide this to all of them. Not only will they appreciate it, the company can benefit from more employees having higher skill levels.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect