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Recruitment Digital Now

Recruitment in the Digital Now

Technology has completely redefined and changed the way that we operate daily, and recruitment isn’t any exception being transformed with the addition of powerful HR solutions. Innovations in technology have completely reshaped how recruiters are able to interact throughout the entire hiring process.

We have seen the rise of great platforms such as Seek, Glassdoor and Indeed becoming a normal tool that recruiters will go to and utilise to attract and find talent. Further HR departments have utilised HR solutions such as EmployeeConnect to effectively streamline and navigate through recruitment processes to achieve great results.

Likewise, the fundamentals of recruitment are effectively enhanced by digital technology which is extremely good news to HR professionals. With simple innovations recruitment in the digital now is brighter than ever. To clarify in depth this blog will answer the question of how digital transformation has impacted recruitment today?

Finding Talent Is Simplified

Prior to the digital age finding talent that had the best skills, attributes and personal qualities that were highly aligned with the organisation was near impossible and extremely difficult. Although now due to digital innovation, technology has granted HR professionals access to HR solutions to find top talent much more easily.

HR departments are able to utilise online platforms to reach talent across the globe or even identify interested talent internally. Moreover, with the movement towards organisations accepting remote working, finding top talent has now lifted the restriction of long-distance talent recruiting.

Moreover, recruiters are finding the benefits of social media as a tool for finding top tier talent. This is seen whereby it has become common practice on platforms such as LinkedIn where individuals will refer the connections, they have to apply for various positions aligned to the skills that they have. This is has become extremely beneficial for HR departments to acquire a great number of job applications from a variety of unique talented candidates.

Critical Information Stored Online

A great feature that the digital transformation of recruitment has brought to HR managers is that HR solutions have allowed HR professionals to store critical information online. This is an extremely great benefit that HR departments utilise every day as they are able to access recruitment information and data anywhere at any time.

Moreover, due to how important and confidential this information is, having it stored online in a safe platform has become of top concern that HR solutions ensure to get right. EmployeeConnect for example has taken extensive measures to ensure that data encryption, application security, authentication and external controls will ensure that the information stored throughout the recruitment process is extremely safe and protected.

Furthermore, due to recruitment information being stored online, HR professionals are able to easily avoid unnecessary paperwork and large excel spreadsheets. Simply utilising HR solutions, it is possible to maintain a structured recruitment process with the necessary information all online, easy to access and easy to review.

Skills Assessments

Throughout recruitment processes it is often found that identifying relevant skills and competencies are a large part to find employees who align to the position extremely well and will likely be a great company fit. Likewise, due to the innovation of technology it may be found that these skills and competencies may be tested by employers for individuals applying for a position.

These skill assessments are now easily conducted online through HR solutions to easily reduce the cost associated with conducting live tests and speed up recruitment processes. They are extremely useful to ensure that job seekers are continually working extremely hard to ensure they have the skills that stand out to the organisation.

Easily Manage High Volume of Applicants

Due to the rise of the digital age of recruitment HR professionals are now able to easily manage high volumes of job applications at one time. HR solutions have been built to centralise and control extremely large quantities of application so that managers can easily track recruitment requests, assessments and a variety of recruiting requirements.

Furthermore, HR software has ensured that managers may easily sift through applications quickly, input streamlined automation decisions and further shortlist candidates. Automation allows you to identify the candidates with the closest skills sets and requirements to the job position to effectively free up more time for you to engage and interview these great candidates.

Real Time Data and Analytics

With the digital transformation of recruitment processes, HR managers have received increased access to extremely detailed real-time data and analytics. Simply HR managers will now have access to data-driven recruitment software that can transform operating processes to empower teams with insights that influence powerful decisions to be made.

HR software has allowed for HR professionals to gain analytics personalised to what they are looking for surrounding recruitment decisions. For example, managers can easily gain data and feedback into which candidates could end up being extremely great choices as they have the potential to grow into leadership positions.

To see for yourself how our recruitment module can help you improve not only your hiring processes but also provide you with quality analytics, data protection, increased employee engagement and many more benefits sign up for an EmployeeConnect demo.

Jake Amodeo