What Characteristics Recruiters Look for When Hiring?
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What Characteristics Recruiters Look for When Hiring?

In today’s business environment job recruiters are often intensely looking into a large variety of characteristics and qualities that is essential in order to find the perfect match for the organisation. Often recruiters will look for more than just standard job ability and field expertise skills to find the perfect hire.

Moreover, recruiters may further utilise a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to effectively funnel candidates whilst essentially filtering the prospective hires for characteristics they want within the organisation.

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Moreover, as a job seeker, it becomes essential to effectively understand the variety of characteristics recruiters look for when hiring in order to efficiently develop these characteristics in preparation for a largely successful job search. The following includes five main characteristics recruiters look for when hiring.

Problem Solving Skills

Recruiters will often largely look for individuals who are effective problem solvers. In today’s business environment being able to solve problems under pressure in a largely timely manner is essential and is a large key asset a recruiter will definitely look to attain for their organisation. Throughout job interview processes job candidates who effectively highlight various challenging situations that they have been in and what they have effectively undertaken to overcome the situation through highlighting the key problem-solving action will often gain an edge over other prospective hires. In turn, both job candidates and recruiters must highlight the importance of problem-solving skills throughout the hiring process.

Soft Skills

Recruiters will find large importance in soft skills when effectively hiring prospective job candidates. A soft skill includes the various interpersonal skills, communication skills, listening skills, time management skills and other key skills that help employees engage in the work they partake within a highly effective manner. Soft skills are crucial for employees to attain and utilise as they effectively show how the individual can connect and work well with other employees and clients effectively. Soft skills are essential for recruiters to ensure are further prevalent within a job seeker as it ensures the company culture that is being built is going to be positively influenced by the new hire entering the organisation.

Fast Learner

In the job market today, the environment is ever-changing and becomes inherently important to recruiters to find individuals that are able to adapt. When a prospective candidate has the ability to learn various skills, activities and actions fast they become largely more important to the various recruiters and hiring managers. In turn, it has become largely essential for the prospective candidate to highlight that they have worked or been influenced by a fast-paced environment where demanding skills needed to be exhibited to effectively complete activities and adapt to change effectively.


Motivation is largely important in the eye of a job recruiter due to the added benefits it may bring to the organisation. When job seeker effectively displays that they are largely interested in the organisation and further shows signs of motivation to work effectively whilst highlighting previous experience of going beyond the normal for activities they have completed, the motivation of that job seeker increases the ability to be hired. Moreover, when a recruiter views a motivated job candidate a clear organisational goal could be fulfilled. That is, the company culture of building a motivated workforce may further be obtained.


In today’s work environment, a team-oriented workplace must be built. Recruiters and hiring managers are largely interested in finding a team player when assessing a variety of job applicants. A largely team-oriented individual who works well with others and will effectively positively work well with the existing company culture will likely be hired. Assessing the various team-based experiences a job candidate has had is largely essential throughout a job interview conducted by the recruiter. This is due to finding the perfect job candidate that will bring value to the existing team environment and the organisation.

Jake Amodeo