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10 Awesome Leadership Qualities to Adopt

Have you ever been told to “lead by example”? Being a leader yourself you would understand that you’ve been set out to show your employee who’s the boss. While it appears like a superiority thing, it really isn’t. Every person adopts certain attributes as they grow, the same way you learnt to copy Dad’s morning routine. In the workplace setting it’s similar, your employees will eventually adopt what is exerted around them – your attributes.

Your image in the workplace being successful enough on the level of managing, will inspire your employees to achieve the same. The wisdom and knowledge you have that has positioned yourself in a high position, is what your employees want. They will mimic your style in hope of being the same. In saying so, leading by example is how you will promote productivity. How this is done is by exhibiting productivity yourself. Showing that you’re a dedicated hard worker in developing your employees, will see them happy and looking to do the same. Being the right leader is a benefit for all – for that to happen, you’ll need to know how to transform to be one.

Awesome leadership qualities to adopt

Being yourself is one thing but there are certain attributes that you need to exhibit that’s worthy for your employees to adopt. You will essentially create a motivated talent pool hoping to be similar to you – as you exert a desirable quality. The top 10 qualities that are of benefit to you and intrinsically your company are:

  • Being responsive to needs
  • Having a positive attitude
  • Having good failure management
  • Develops others
  • Good judgement of delegation
  • Ability to communicate
  • Sense of humour
  • Commitment
  • Exerts confidence
  • Takes responsibility

Why adopt these qualities?

While you’re recreating yourself by adopting these qualities, your employees are recreating themselves to replicate you. You bring out this attraction that interests the desires of your employees to shine like you – evoking a motive. This motive translates into performance for productivity levels to peak, allowing goals and objectives to be hit easily and quickly. In saying so, recreating yourself to be the best leader is beneficial for all.

Understanding that you can change, as change is inevitable as part of growing, you can utilise its advantage to recreate yourself to be the ideal leader. Know that being a leader has certain qualities to exhibit, as you show them what you want them to show themselves. Essentially, this is all for the better of the organisation – all in line for reaping greater growth capacities.

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Alexi Gavrielatos

Business Development at EmployeeConnect