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Reasons Why Organisations Should Love Cloud Learning?

Reasons Why Organisations Should Love Cloud Learning?

In the past, learning was shepherded by a guide – parents at home, teachers at school years and professors at college. This to an extent worked fine until the technology revolution that changed the way instructors and Learning and development (L&D) perceived learning. In fact, it would be more appropriate to say that e-learning was born and developed with the aim to support education at schools and colleges but later this concept was adopted by global businesses as well.

Nowadays, it isn’t just the educational institutes but also companies (of varied sizes) are keen to go for technology-enabled online learning. The results of utilizing e-learning in a business are varied as it is an effective way to increase confidence, competence and productivity of their team and in so doing a business can improve their bottom line through employee growth, initiative and retention.

How e-learning impacts a business

Irrespective of the industry, business size, number of employees or even budget, selecting e-learning software is something that will offer your organization many benefits including happier employees, more productivity and a great return on investment (ROI).

It is important to remember that information distribution isn’t the only benefit it offers but also collects other useful information about the learners which makes it super efficient.

With e-learning software, a business will learn where they may need improvement in training.

What can e-learning can do for a business

Although e-learning as a whole is gaining prominence but there is a small faction of people who are still uncomfortable with this way of learning. If you are hesitant to give technology-enabled learning a try, here are some of the reasons why you should embrace and love eLearning.

  • Improves employee retention – eLearning provides a practice environment with real to live situations that the employee will encounter on the job. It prepares and empowers them to successfully address the most common problems and embrace the values of your business culture.
  • Increases employee productivity and performance – Happier employees are more productive employees. By using cloud-based learning, your business will be giving your employees the resources they need to provide the best service possible to your customers.
  • Keep and Attract top talent – Employees want opportunities and growth.
  • Improved training cost – Training is an investment whether it is online or not. With cloud learning, your business will see reduced material cost, set up, use and clean up expense and decreased travel costs.
  • Standardization – It isn’t possible to guarantee the courses will be presented the same each time via traditional training. Elearning provides a standardized process and consistency assuring each learner is given the same information, the same opportunity each and every time.
  • ROI – With e-learning employee retention increases, reduces the cost of recruiting, hiring, testing, training new employees and more that an organization usually faces commonly. Online learning ensures that your team has a better grasp of the culture and expectations of your business. They will be better able to act within that culture and solve problems independently without taking help from other team members.
  • On time feedback – employees know how they are performing, where to study and management also gets an updated information so they can track the progress of their employees.
  • Access to information for questions – Cloud learning will permit your employee to have access to the course even after it is complete. They can review it, study it and look up a question or just brush up on knowledge whenever, wherever they want.
  • Knowledge management – Elearning is much more than courses and online technology. By using available tools to encourage conversation and collaboration, your business can capture and store knowledge that is available for future learners.
  • Environment-friendly – cloud learning saves you from creating the volume of printed materials which obviously saves natural resources that go into creating paper, ink and the energy used in the process.
  • Easy – Cloud learning is easy to set up, maintain and manage.
  • Convenient – Distributed eLearning anywhere allowing better collaboration
  • Cost Effective – Investing in a cloud-based LMS platform is actually more cost efficient than purchasing elearning software. You only pay for what you need and utilize. Your business also doesn’t need to pay any setup fees and upgrades to the system are included.
  • Flexible and changes as you need – e-learning gives management the opportunity to edit or add training as legal requirements may change and also to make changes as the business grows and needs are different.
  • Reliable – Using the cloud is dependable as all of your information is centralized and backed up remotely. You don’t have to worry about losing data, theft, hardware damage or even a natural disaster.
  • No need to hire IT resource- You don’t need to spend funds to hire new or additional internal IT support for cloud LMS.
  • Mobile – learning on tablet or smartphone while the learner is on the go.


Why Your LMS Should Support Integration

    Secure – Cloud learning has a variety of safety measures in effect to protect your sensitive data. Your organization can use password protection on certain sections to ensure that only a few individuals are granted access. If there are ever attempted violation, the system will automatically document the incident.


    How do you select the right LMS tool for your needs?

    When selecting an e-learning software for your business you may get confused not because of the lack of options but because of the vast array of choices available in the market. Therefore, before selecting any platform, it is key to identify your requirements and then choose the best software accordingly. When frustration starts to loom, don’t give up, push through to find the e-learning software that is right for your business.

    While looking for the perfect e-learning software for your business, you can refer to the volumes of research and surveys that will help you understand which solution to go for.

    Summing up

    Beverly Woof and Chris Eliot suggest that e-learning software can provide a superior teaching environment and do everything from making sure the answer grid is completed before progressing to suggesting resources that could be helpful in strengthening the employee comprehension based on the answers given.

    The advantages of using e-learning software are numerous. E-learning helps businesses provide high-quality training for employees at a more affordable cost. The return on investment will be an obvious advantage of e-learning as happy and engaged employees is contagious and will impact every aspect of your business.

    More organizations are moving to cloud learning as they are understanding the added value and many advantages. So, join the e-learning bandwagon today and enjoy the benefits.

    Author’s Bio: Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He has 7+ years of experience working with ProProfs learning management system and other eLearning authoring tools, which has given him hands-on experience of the latest course authoring software and an exclusive insight into the eLearning industry.