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Study: Well-being program promotes employee engagement

A recent survey has revealed that employers that incorporate some form of employee well-being program enjoy better employee engagement as well as company culture and recruitment.

The US survey, a collaboration between Workforce Magazine and Virgin Pulse, interviewed 361 organisations and 3,822 employees and found some interesting results.

More than four-fifths (87 per cent) of respondents said these programs have a positive impact on company culture and nearly all of those employees (96 per cent) participate in these programs to improve their own health.

CEO of Virgin Pulse, Chris Boyce, said businesses need to develop strategies like well-being programs to improve employee morale. Once the team attitude has improved, so will productivity.

“We’re in the midst of an engagement crisis. Overall employee disengagement is being reported at 70 per cent in the U.S. and even higher globally,” he said

“That means even on a good day, your employees aren’t tapping their full brain power or reaching their full productivity potential.”

Programs like this are not expensive to start and can also work alongside established methods of improving employee engagement such as HRMS software. Mr Boyce explained the benefits continue through to the business’s finances.

“As a result employers that make the investment in wellness are experiencing the increased productivity it takes to move their bottom line,” he said.

Another area the survey highlighted was the lack of businesses that measure their employee engagement and productivity. Less than half (48 per cent) said they tracked engagement and just over half (53 per cent) measured productivity.

One way to achieve this is by investing in HR management software. Businesses can develop feedback and development plans that allows employees to give executives an idea of what is working and what isn’t.

Employers can also set personalised goals and objectives for their workers so staff always have projects to work towards and remain productive for longer.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect