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Strategic Planning

Why Strategic Planning is Important

Strategic planning is extremely important to organizations as it ensures there is consistent alignment, direction and engagement for employees to meet goals. Strategic planning further is commonly utilised to ensure that daily strategic decisions are being made to drive organizational success.

Specifically, strategic planning goes beyond standard organizational planning whereby a strategic plan considers the organization as a whole from its essential vision, mission and values, whilst further ensuring to understand how to make and implement a strategic difference through applying external data throughout the plan to increase business success. Furthermore, strategic planning considers the individual level of an organization through increasing one’s engagement by cascading goals and further aims to transform the organization through continuous reviews and conversations with employees to ensure that the plan implemented has assured success.

Strategic Planning is very important for HR managers, organizational leaders and any individual interested within the organization to ensure is undertaken. In turn, the following blog will delve into the reasons behind implementing strategic planning, specifically being the benefits, that strategic planning will provide to an organization when implemented within an organization.

Organizational Alignment

Strategic planning is extremely important to ensure is implemented within an organization to attain the benefit that is an increase in organizational alignment. Specifically, organizational alignment may be seen to be achieved as employees throughout an organization are provided with a road map on what the organization wants. Specifically, this includes the organization highlighting goals, strategies and ideas on how each level of the organization through strategic decision making will work the most effectively to meet major organizational goals. Moreover, through a strategic planning process, all organizational employees will become more closely aligned as there is one major goal, plan or mission they are working towards.

Assure Organizational Success

Strategic planning is critical to ensure is implemented within an organization to receive the benefit that is an assurance of the organization’s success. Specifically, this is largely due to strategic planning encompassing the clear path based of research, thought and knowledge for a business to do well. Moreover, organizations are likely to experience success through strategic planning as employees become increasingly motivated to work harder, work more efficiently through strategic task delegation and goal alignment and further utilise resources more effectively. In turn, a corresponding assurance to the organization’s success is likely to be achieved as strategic planning effectively coordinates action throughout the entire organization.

Drives Organizational Engagement

Strategic planning is extremely critical to ensure is implemented within an organization to acquire the benefit that is an increased drive in organizational engagement. Specifically, organizational engagement is driven through strategic planning as there is an implementation of cascading goals within the organization. Cascading goals ensure that the goals set throughout the entire organization are closely linked together, this guarantees that on the individual level employees are working towards achieving the organizational level goals. Likewise, it ensures that employees are motivated as they are making contributions to the entire organization, through which and increase in engagement, participation and effort for employees can be seen as employees feel their contributions are important.

Ensures Strategic Decision Making

Strategic planning is very important to ensure is implemented within an organization to achieve the benefit that is an increase in ensuring strategic decision making throughout the organization. Specifically, when strategic plans are implemented throughout an organization the employees within the organization understand their purpose and the end goals they need to attain. In turn, when coming up with decisions, the decisions made are largely aligned to what the organization wants to achieve. Furthermore, due to an effective strategic decision-making thought process of employees throughout the organization, businesses are likely to experience an increase in sales and market share due to successful alignment and resource utilisation with the cause of strategic decision making through strategic planning processes.

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