3 Ways to Setup your Office for Maximum Productivity
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3 ways to setup your office for maximum productivity

3 Ways to Set Up Your Office for Maximum Productivity

Walking in to a pleasant office is not only good for employee morale and happiness, well-designed spaces can have a significant impact on worker productivity.

The World Green Building Council analysed a number of factors in a recent report to discover how exactly the layout of a workspace affects its inhabitants.

Here are three simple considerations to address in your work environment to keep your employees happy and productive.

1. Optimise temperature

Keeping an eye on the thermostat is important for keeping employees productive. Workers struggle to engage in tasks if the temperature is over 30 degrees or under 15 degrees, with productivity dropping by 10 per cent in these situations.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature can also reduce conflict in your office. A study from the University of Konstanz in Germany found that overheating was linked with increased incidents of conflict and bullying.

If you are struggling to keep the heat down, consider investing in innovative technology such as chilled ceilings or other energy efficient solutions.

2. Separate spaces

As well as an appropriate area to work, employees also need room for discussion and relaxation to foster a sense of community as well as maintaining noise levels.

Dividing these areas up ensures that individuals deep into their work are not disturbed by chatter and other din. Providing breakout areas also means employees can a rest away from their work in order to properly unwind and de-stress. This can do wonders for the mid-afternoon drop in productivity.

3. Introduce plants

With most workers’ eyes fixed on a computer screen for most of the day, it is important to ensure individuals take a reprieve once in a while. Bringing plants in the office will give workers a break from the computer without being too much of a distraction.

As well as looking good, plant life can also improve the air quality in your office which is vital for focus and employee comfort. Areca palm, Lady palm and Bamboo palm are all varieties that will combat dry air and leave your office feeling fresh.

With these simple changes to your working environment, employees will feel significantly happier and be more productive as a result.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect