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Sample Questions for an Employee Self-evaluation

Employee self-evaluation process is an integral part of performance development planning process in every organisation. This process engages and involves the employees of an organisation and closely monitors their performance. The employee self-evaluation process acts as a precursor to the effectiveness of the one on one appraisal discussion between the employee and their manager. It helps the employee to be better prepared so that he or she can participate effectively in the discussion, instead of absorbing only what the manager has to convey.

While preparing for the one on one performance appraisal discussion, employees can invest some time pondering upon what they wish to achieve in terms of their career growth. They may consider factors such as the next job opportunity they wish to prepare for. They can also discuss with their manager the type of assistance they need in terms of achieving their goals.

Every employee strives to develop a career path which would help them to lead an enriching work life. Usually, it is the most engaged and motivated employees who foresee themselves accomplishing their dreams and goals.

This article will act as a guideline to select all or some of these sample questions for setting up your employee self-evaluation questions.

Sample Self-Evaluation Questions

job description:

  • List out any specific components of your job description that you no longer perform or that which takes extra time to accomplish.
  • List out and describe any new responsibilities, goals, or additional challenges that you have taken up after the last performance evaluation.
  • List out those tasks which needed you to take on additional responsibilities, decision making, and accountability.
  • What is that one thing which you like the most about your present job/role?
  • Given a choice which components of your job would you like to alter or eliminate and why?


  • What according to you are you most crucial achievements and contributions since you last performance evaluation?
  • List out some of your achievements that you are proud of since your last evaluation.
  • List out the goals that you had wished to accomplish but could not since your last performance evaluation.
  • What according to you could have helped you to achieve those goals?
  • List out some of your major initiatives and projects in which you participated and contributed since your last performance evaluation.
  • List out any task that you are currently performing that is outside the scope of your present job description.


  • List out some of your job-related goals that you would wish to achieve during this evaluation time period.
  • How do you think your supervisor can assist you in accomplishing these job-related goals?
  • List out any additional assistance that the organisation may provide you so that you are able to accomplish these goals?

Professional Development

  • What professional job or career growth goals do you hope to achieve within three years?
  • What resources and support can this organisation provide so that you can accomplish this professional job or career growth goals?
  • What professional and personal goals will help you improve or develop your performance in your current job?
  • What additional support can this organisation provide so that you can accomplish these goals?
  • When completed, please send copies of this self-evaluation to your supervisor and Human Resources prior to your performance evaluation meeting.


Byron Conway

Content Coordinator at EmployeeConnect