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Retain and Thrive: Insider Tips for Boosting Employee Retention

If you find yourself constantly wondering why your employees are leaving and never returning, it may be time to reassess your approach to employee retention. The presence of a high employee turnover rate clearly indicates that there are issues that need to be addressed in your workplace.


The key takeaway is that creating a compelling employee retention strategy is essential if you aim to minimise turnover and maintain a low attrition rate.

As you read this, you may find yourself pondering the question, “Why is it so important?”

It’s not just about investing your valuable time, effort, and resources in recruiting new employees to replace those who have departed. The challenge lies in finding replacements who can match the caliber of their predecessors. After all, there was a specific reason why you hired them in the first place, whether it was their exceptional skills, their personality, or their eagerness to learn. These qualities motivated you to groom them as your company’s brand ambassadors.

In order to prevent employees from reaching the point of thinking, “This isn’t worth it, I should look for another job,” it’s crucial to comprehend the factors that lead them to such thoughts. Once you have recognised and understood what drives them away, you can implement measures to proactively mitigate those factors and ensure their retention.


What Are Some Retention Issues?


While you may perceive employee retention as a challenging endeavour, you will discover that these five primary factors can indeed be effectively managed and influenced internally. Let’s explore what specifically causes employees to disengage from your company:


Challenging Work Environment

If your workplace inadvertently fosters an unsupportive, competitive, and unjust atmosphere, it’s highly likely that your employees will feel demoralised and seek solace elsewhere. Most employees seek an employer with a culture that promotes fun, support, and encouragement. Consider the type of work environment you would personally prefer.

The impact of company culture on employee retention is more significant than we realise. However, don’t be misled into thinking that a fresh coat of paint and new carpet are all it takes to transform your culture. In any organisation, everything begins with the people. Yes, strong leadership is essential to communicate a positive message and enable employees to wholeheartedly embrace the organisations core values.

Lack of Clarity in Vision

If your company lacks a clear vision and fails to provide direction to your employees, how can you expect them to perform well, let alone exceed your expectations? It is crucial for your employees’ goals and objectives to align with the company’s vision. A shared vision enables employees to work together harmoniously towards a common goal.

A well-defined company vision fosters a sense of belonging among individuals within their teams and the organisation as a whole. They feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for the company’s success, leading to greater employee retention. In fact, the combination of effective leadership and strong values has the potential to drive sustainable employee retention in the long run.


Lack of Managerial Empathy

When you foster an environment where employees perceive their managers as partners rather than authoritarian figures, they become comfortable and motivated to perform at their best. Cultivating a “family” dynamic involves demonstrating that you value your employees’ mental well-being and overall welfare.

Developing effective communication skills and emotional intelligence among both managers and employees is crucial for fostering open and seamless exchanges. By promoting empathy in the workplace, you can significantly improve your employee retention rate and create a more positive work environment.

Lack of Employee Motivation

Understanding that employee motivation is crucial for optimal performance is one thing. Recognising that, as a mentor, you play a vital role in fostering that motivation is another. Not every employee feels motivated every day, and it falls upon you to help them regain their motivation; otherwise, their performance may suffer.

Research has established a clear connection between employee motivation and retention. By enhancing communication, fostering positive work relationships, offering growth opportunities through development and career advancement, and creating a trustworthy environment, you can significantly improve retention rates.

Based on these four points, it is evident that employee retention can be influenced by various internal factors within the organisation. Therefore, there is no need to feel hopeless when it comes to creating an employee retention program.

In fact, here are four actionable approaches that can assist you in taking proactive measures.


Ways To Improve Retention


Now, let’s explore the steps that can be taken to address high turnover, enhance retention, and boost employee motivation:


Introduce Annual Company Events and Engagements

If you aspire to foster a company culture that embraces enjoyment and camaraderie, consider incorporating regular company activities and events. These initiatives will serve as a reminder to your employees of the core values your company upholds. Moreover, they will demonstrate that work isn’t solely about being serious all the time; it’s also important to unwind and have fun from time to time—a vital aspect of life.


Embrace the Role of a Life Coach

As a manager, it is your duty to not only lead but also mentor your employees. This entails providing guidance and imparting knowledge that will empower them to become the organisations most valuable assets. Equally important is nurturing their personal growth and enriching their lives beyond the workplace. Guide them in a way that aligns their professional vision with their overall life approach, emphasising that their work journey plays a significant role in shaping their broader life perspective.


Foster Individual Connections through Personal Check-Ins

Demonstrating genuine concern for your employees’ personal lives and well-being is crucial. By doing so, you convey the message that they are valued not only for the work they produce but also as individuals. Introduce one-on-one check-ins over a coffee or casual setting, where you can inquire about their general well-being (not work-related matters). This approach allows you to develop a deeper understanding of them as individuals, including their motivators and what enables them to perform at their best. Such personalised interactions are not only encouraging but also highly motivating for your employees.


Introduce Work Rotations

Continuously engaging in the same type of work can lead to employee fatigue. When processes become too familiar and monotony sets in, the excitement of learning something new diminishes. To address this, consider incorporating work rotations among different divisions within your organisation. This allows your employees to gain exposure to various aspects of the business, offering them fresh experiences and opportunities to discover new passions in different fields. By providing such variety, you can reignite their enthusiasm and invigorate their commitment to the organisation.

Employee retention is crucial for harnessing the potential of your organisations greatest assets and achieving excellence. The foundation of your company’s success lies in the hands of those who truly drive it forward – your employees.















Matthew Dedes