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New skill shortage requires specific attention

If a business is going to be successful as it grows and develops, then the quality of the employees must also match. However, more planning is required by companies if they want to attract and retain the best talent it seems.

This was highlighted in the recent Hays Quarterly Report for Q4 (October to December), which suggests recruitment in the 21st century is about pinpointing key skills areas rather than broad expertise.

According to the report, past skill shortages were experienced industry-wide, so the bulk of Australian companies felt the pinch. It has changed somewhat and those with specific skill sets are now in short supply.

From the corporate and human resources sector, Hays highlighted two vacancies that businesses are struggling to fill – Executive Assistants and Business Development Managers.

Hays describes Executive Assistants as vital for developing businesses as they have the ability to support C-Suite level professionals. They are also well-versed in minute note-taking and typing.

Business Development Managers that often come with a proven ability to take businesses to the next level and open them up to new markets and consumers are also in high demand.

Managing Director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, Nick Deligiannis, said the large list of vacancy shortages coincide with another survey that revealed wages in high-skill jobs are increasing at a fast rate.

“We are not seeing industry or sector-wide shortages. Instead, each industry and sector has a list of niche skills that are in short supply,” he explained.

“Given the demand for these skills, Australia is on the verge of an exceedingly tight labour market for these highly-skilled professionals.”

If businesses are interested in hiring additional staff to continue positive growth, then it will be vital to have the right recruitment processes in place. HRMS for small businesses can help manage open positions as well as assist with applicant tracking and candidate communication.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect