How to Maintain Long-Term Relationships with Your Employees?
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How can you maintain a long-term relationship with your employees?

How Can You Maintain a Long-Term Relationship With Your Employees?

Although the current trend of job mobility has been a hotly discussed topic recently, not every worker wants to hop between roles and companies throughout their career.

For workplaces, building long-term relationships with your best and brightest employees is a good way to see consistent performance and to maintain a competitive advantage. By better supporting your workers through solutions such as HRIS systems, you may find that employees are more loyal than expected.

A recent survey conducted by Hays Recruitment found 69 per cent of Australian professionals were willing to stay in their current job for five years or more. In contrast, 11 per cent would like to find a new employer within two years times.

As Managing Director of Hays Australia and New Zealand Nick Deligiannis stated, businesses need to go the extra mile in order to retain top talent and reduce turnover.

“Employers need to provide all staff with ongoing training and development, regular reviews and promotional opportunities,” he explained.

“They also need to deliver what they promised in the recruitment process so that the reality of working at their organisation matches what they promoted when they were attracting top talent.”

Entrepreneur David Williams outlined five key considerations in order to maintain long-term relationships with your workers in a November 2012 Forbes article. These were:

  • Responsibility: Allow your workers to take control of tasks will give them better job satisfaction
  • Respect: Take time to acknowledge and appreciate staff results
  • Revenue-sharing: Consider introducing company performance pay into the salary
  • RewardConsistently offer both monetary and non-monetary rewards for exemplary efforts
  • Relaxation Time: Ensure your workers have enough time away from work

Seeking the help of HR consulting is a good way to ensure your business can build a successful and lasting relationship with staff by correctly implementing these five factors.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect