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Identify emerging talent in your company

Are you looking to hire tomorrow’s leaders? Or to develop key competencies and skills in middle management to encourage promotions within the organisation?

A new report by Hudson has outlined the typical profile of emerging leaders in a new report. The report found that emerging leaders tend to be extroverts and highly capable leaders, communicators and are persuasive.

Another central trait of emerging leaders is their ability to think outside of the box, however they can have an aversion to change preferring to take proven paths to success. Companies should encourage emerging leaders to have confidence in their ideas and following them through.

Hudson’s Executive General Manager of Talent Management Asia Pacific Simon Moylan said that knowing what to look for in employees and how to foster their development is beneficial for organisations.

“What our research shows is that emerging leaders, while they tend to be extroverted, aren’t necessarily interested in socialising with their colleagues; they’re much more focused on driving results and are comfortable working independently,” Mr Moylan explained.

“Identifying tomorrow’s leaders is vital for business leaders looking to prepare and evolve their organisation into the future.”

Identifying talent is not the only important factor to success. According to research conducted by Jean Martin and Conrad Schmidt, 20 per cent of internal leadership transitions of high potential employees end in failure.

Hudson suggests that companies that want to develop talent within their organisation need to have a high potential talent management strategy in place and be proactive in their approach.

The report gathered data on 100 emerging leaders in Australia and compared this information with Hudson’s database of more than 160,000 professionals and 700 executive-level individuals.

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Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect