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Top Resume Tips To Achieve Your Career Aspiration

How to Write a Resume – Examples

One of the key contributing factors to bagging a lucrative job in the corporate sector is professionally well-written resume (CV). Irrespective of the fact if you are a new entrant to the corporate world or planning to make a shift for a better opportunity, you need to have a well organised, well written, and a well-designed CV. It is critical how you present and highlight all the facts of your professional life, including your career aspiration. A well-written CV provides the employer with an idea of your expectations from the job and the coåmpany at large in a glance. Hence, it helps them in quick decision making by quickly analysing how well the candidate is suitable for the position and the company. If you miss out to write down your career aspirations, you tend to give a negative signal to your employer. It shows that you are still unsure or probably do not have enough knowledge of the present day professional trends and scenarios.

This article is an attempt to help you provide with some career aspiration examples for writing your CVs as well as some great resume tips.

Resume Tips

Structure and Phrasing in your Resume

While writing down your career objective, ensure that you keep it short and sweet. If you write too lengthy career aspirations, it indicated to your employer that you are trying to brag about your experience and knowledge. Recruiters find it quite dull and boring to go through so many resumes; hence you should write your CV in a simple language and avoid using the word “I”. You should try and incorporate phrases that project your seriousness and professionalism towards the position you are applying for. Also, you should not structure the phrase in such a manner that it gives a wrong signal to your employer that you are trying to demand the job instead of offering your services to the company. For instance, do not write: Seeking employment in your organisation to expand my skills, experience, and increase my scope of exposure.

Emphasis on the Job Type in your Resume

Avoid dragging your career objectives, so that the prospective employers do not get confused as to what you are trying to convey. Try to focus and be as specific as you regarding the type of job you are looking out for. For instance, you should replace phrases such as “on the lookout for part-time employment” with phrases such as “interested in a part-time engagement wherein I can offer my consulting services to an e-learning company”.

Highlight your Skills in your Resume

Phrase your career objectives in such a manner that you are able to convey to your prospective employers your specific skills and expertise and how you can add value to the company. For instance, you may use specific phrases such as: “An experience corporate soft skills trainer on the lookout to secure a trainer’s position in the said domain”. If you do not hold any specific specialisation, you can highlight your soft skills such as problem-solving, customer relations, communication skills, etc. which would prove to be beneficial while working in said role.

Career Objective Examples for Resumes

Examples for Entry Level Applicants

  • Seeking opportunity with an organisation that offers a positive environment to learn new skills and technologies and incorporate them for the betterment of the business of the organisation.
  • A qualified Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, on the lookout for an entry-level position in the marketing sector to implement my robust communication and analytical skills.
  • A fresh university graduate on the lookout for an internship with a reputed media house where I can utilise my effective and robust communication and multimedia design skills.
  • Freshly passed out graduate with honours in political science seeking a position that requires innate research skills and capabilities and formulating constructive policies.

Examples for Experienced Professionals

  • Manager in Sales with core five years of experience in the corporate utility sector with an excellent track record of contributing towards increased profitability with an average of 11% per annum.
  • Obtaining a position in business development wherein I can leverage my strong client relationship skills and customer service by utilising 11 years of robust business experience with a great track record of overachieving sales quotas for seven years.
  • An experienced store manager in the garment industry seeking a position wherein I can apply six years of my knowledge and skills in managing the same.
  • On the lookout for the position of a software program designer wherein I can utilise my skills in developing new high-tech products and an excellent team player with a knack for learning new skills with a zeal for research.

Career Aspiration Examples for Selected Positions


An experienced and prolific teacher seeking to secure a teaching position at an elementary or secondary school level with specialisation in subjects like History and English.


An experienced customer service centric individual seeking for the position of a cashier with an overall experience of three years in the relevant industry. Adept to work and gel well in a past paced environment with a bilingual ability.

Retail Sales Manager

An experienced and goal driven retail sales manager with an exceptional track record in retail sales operation and employee supervision. A record-setting sales leader with excellent coaching and mentoring skills with the innate ability to boost the morale of employees. Committed to rendering a pleasant, sales-driven atmosphere.

Financial Analyst

Seeking a position that will enable me to utilise my project management skills and financial analyst skills owing to my experience and qualification in the said domain.

Personnel Assistant

Securing the position of a personnel assistant in the human resources department that provides me with the opportunity to utilise my knowledge in grievance procedures, labour relations, benefit program publications, payroll administration, and hiring.

Marketing Assistant

An enthusiastic business school graduate seeking the position of a marketing assistant to aid in the development and implementation of procedures, communications, and projects. Possessing a Bachelor’s degree in marketing/business with an internship abroad, I am competent to sustain and perform in high-pressure environments. A deadline and ethics driven personality who is highly reliable in challenging situations.

Customer Service

Seeking to obtain a customer service position in a top notch organisation wherein I can utilise my customer-centric skills from my previous work experience.

Now that you have seen quite a few career aspirations examples for resumes, you need to always remember to draw a connection between your resume and your career aspirations. Missing to do so will give your potential employer another reason for rejecting your interview application. Hence you need to frame a simple, crisp, and influential career objective in your resume.


Byron Conway

Content Coordinator at EmployeeConnect