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How To Make Your Pre-Employment Screening Super Effective?

How To Make Your Pre-Employment Screening Super Effective?

Recruiting new people to join your company comes with many responsibilities and umpteen factors which a hiring professional should be aware of. It is necessary to properly and completely know your prospective candidates before you even consider hiring them. Pre-employment screening tests are used primarily for filtering job applicants and can include assessments of aptitude, personality, cognitive and language skills as well as functional knowledge. Many organisations use these tests to find out which candidates are most likely to succeed for the positions they are recruiting for and they also get to eliminate those who are unqualified.
Screening prospective employees before you hire can be a critical step in hiring and retaining quality employees. A proper pre-employment screening process can also ensure that there is no potential liability exposure or any kind of wrong doings at the work place with a carefully selected team that genuinely has the organisational well-being as the top most priority. A prescreening process can help to ensure a lot of things. You may get to know if the employees can effectively perform their tasks and duties. You can also find out if they have a positive record in their past employments or even if they have any kind of criminal background or conviction records.

The various ways by which you can establish a super effective pre-employment screening process are as follows:

1. Maintain clarity in the prescreening process

You should have clarity in the process of prescreening. Establishing a properly documented method of screening not only helps fasten the process but also avoids any kind of negligence or over looked factors. You should be able to build a process and a policy that is specific to the goals of your business and the risk tolerance of your company. Supervise all the levels of screening and know when and how they will be performed. Explain the policy to be implemented step by step.

2. Be consistent with the guidelines

There should be a certain consistency on how the pre-employment screening policy is to be implemented. Never conduct the checks on background based on a selective basis. All applicants and potential employees need to be subjected to the same format and screening method. They should receive all the checks prior to employment.

3. Screening providers are very useful and help you in making a lot of decisions

You should seek the services of a reputed pre-employment screening service provider. A good screening service provider will help you in the process. Conducting background checks without implementing the services of a screening provider does not make much sense as landing with the wrong employee will ultimately cost you even more. A screening provider will not only help to make your task easier but also take care of certain key points.

4. Build a benchmark of your existing top performing employees

With an effective pre-employment screening process in place, you can also ensure that the new employees joining your organisation display similar attributes to the ones who are already in sync with your organisation’s work culture as well as those who are lauded as impressive performers. This can be done with the help of a benchmarking process that outlines the competencies of your best performers and tests your prospective ones for those very skills.

5. Compliance to laws and other legal contracts

You should also take care that your applicants are complying with certain aws. You should also make sure that they are in accordance with your contractual obligations and other rules. There are a tonne of laws and regulations which you need to refer to and see if your candidate is fulfilling it or not. Seeking legal counsel will make your task easier and simpler.
A super effective prescreening process requires that you as an employer take care of all past histories and backgrounds of the candidate and ensure that they have cleared each and every one of your guidelines. This should be in addition to the candidate being culturally fit for your organisation as well as possessing competencies that will enable them perform exceptionally well for you in the long run.

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