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How to Land Your Dream Job

How to Land Your Dream Job.

If you’re looking for a change and have a couple of companies at the back of your mind that would fall into the category of the dream job, keep them on your radar and also look for means to be on their radar, prior to applying for the job.

Tracking your dream Job for a period of time before actually applying entails several benefits. For instance, if you are tracking a well-known company on Linkedin or Twitter or even “Like the company’s page on Facebook, you may already be recognised by them when you actually apply for a position in said company.

Do your research about your dream job in advance, because it helps you to gain an insight over time. So, when the actual interview comes, you’re prepared.

Instead, you will be at an advantageous position to speak with great confidence, genuine interest and enthusiasm. You will be able to impress your interviewer if they ask you for your perspective on certain events pertaining to product launches, and/or trending events within the industry. This kind of knowledge will work in your favour as it shows that you have been actively engaged in learning about the organisation. It also shows your genuine interest in being a part of the organisation.

Another marked benefit of following your dream company is that you are abreast with the job openings and can stay ahead of the competitive landscape. You have the edge of knowing well in advance about the potential opportunities and you will be able to monitor the kind of skill level that the company is seeking.

Gaining an insight into your dream company’s hiring process facilitates you to make tactful decisions such as to when you should apply. Here are some handy tips for you to track your dream company the right way:

Follow the company on social media

Considering that most of us are already on a number of social media platforms available these days. it is helpful since the company or companies that you are interested in getting into, also have accounts on at least a couple of the larger platforms. So, you should connect with them all via these social media platforms and closely follow their updates. Here are a couple of tips:

Connect with the company on LinkedIn

One of the easiest means is to follow the company on LinkedIn. Look closely into your contacts and see if you have potential contacts that are already working with the company. Try connecting with them and also check the company’s LinkedIn page for the latest job postings.

Look for specific hiring-related accounts.

It is a common trend these days that some larger companies have their individual accounts for hiring purposes. If you browse through these accounts and scroll down the feed, you will notice that a lot of users ask questions pertaining to opportunities and they do get direct answers. One of the great ways to get in touch with a company’s HR is via Twitter.

Clean up your act

If you have plans to interact with your dream companies via the social media platform, you need to ensure that your online presence is professional. You must carefully review your social media profiles to ensure that there isn’t anything inappropriate on your social profiles and re-visit your privacy settings to regulate who can see what you have on your page.

Bookmark the job openings page.

Most of the companies have a dedicated “Careers” section on their websites where they post job openings. You should bookmark these pages and formulate a habit of checking them at regular intervals. Even make it your homepage if you’re that serious.

Set deadlines and calendar notifications for yourself

If you wish to apply for an annual program such as a fellowship, or for a company’s summer job openings, you must have an Excel document in which you should list all the important dates and deadlines and set notifications using your smart phone’s online calendar.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to the company

In case you have a question pertaining to a position that you are vying for, don’t be afraid to get in touch with the company. You should send a polite and professional email asking for details about your question. This may, in fact, help the organisation’s human resources department familiar with your name, and shows your genuine interest and enthusiasm of getting into the organisation.


Alexi Gavrielatos

Business Development at EmployeeConnect