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The Week of HR #3: The Future of Human Resources

The Future of HR

What can you expect to see happen tomorrow in the field of HR?

This is question we try to answer this week through a collection of the latest articles published throughout the web. “Strategy”,”Tech”,”Social”,”Scientific” &”Analytics” are definitely the major keywords currently floating above our heads. It seems that the gap from HR to CEO is shrinking as the future of the HR department requires further strategic business alignment and an increased responsibility for nurturing cultures and relationships.

So how can you get closer to the future?

  • Ensure your organisational model is built in a way that includes HR matters as a strategic variable within the business,
  • Contribute directly to the overall business strategy and develop a strong HR strategy,
  • Define a solid employer branding on your website and social media platform,
  • Reinvent your recruitment processes to create value in the Employee Experience (EX)
Jump on the pre-boarding bandwagon

Jump on the “Pre-Boarding” bandwagon

Onboarding is all rage these days and whether you’ve already mastered it or are still stumbling on your way towards onboarding, there’s a new buzzword in town! Pre-boarding as its name indicated happens even before your future employee has put a step into the business. And today, this step of the hiring process doesn’t even require more of your time to be done right as SMART bots can look after it for you thanks to process automation and technology.

Personality traits to succeed in HR

Personality Traits Needed to Succeed in HR Tomorrow

As the 2016 Australian HR Awards are fast approaching, resilience, tenacity and flexibility are mentioned as the key personality traits required to succeed in the HR profession. HR managers are now wearing more and more the hat of change agent which means that they need to be highly responsive in a business environment that is evolving very fast.

No, you don't need a hr person

“No, you don’t need a HR person”

For the past few years, start-ups have debated the utility of HR as a business function, sometimes even claiming it was dead. While the true purpose of HR is being questioned and the use of software technologies are rising, HR professionals need to take advantage of the situation by reaffirming a stronger, more-comprehensive HR structure. Technologies and dashboards will never replace a HR person when it comes to managing the core concepts of competencies, compliance, team productivity and employee happiness.

How Airbnb is reinventing the future of HR

Airbnb, a Glassdoor-rated Employer of Choice, had announced last year how they would get rid of their HR department as they changed their CHRO’s title to CEEO: Chief Employee Experience Officer. Expanding on their core business concept where anyone is welcome to contribute, Airbnb employees are encouraged to participate and create their own “workplace experience” #belonganywhere. The result? A total success as 90% of Airbnb employees say they would recommend working for the company.

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or tips you’d like to share please let us know.

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Oriane Perrin

Customer Success & Growth Manager