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How to Promote an Environmentally Sustainable at Workplace

It has become extremely common to see that many companies are aiming for an environmentally sustainable workplace today. In the eyes of almost all stakeholders, environmental friendliness is of top concern and effectively bring only positivity to organisations.

Likewise, it can be seen that customers have more interest and inclination to purchase a product, utilise service, support or advocate businesses if they are ensuring they are taking initiative towards sustainability. Customers further, advocate and purchase from companies that go beyond just recycling. Customers look for organisations that foster a wide variety of environmentally sustainable workplace practices and have high intentions to ensure that sustainable practice is always maintained and actioned.

With an emphasised importance to continually aim to promote an environmentally sustainable workplace, the following blog will go into detail showing various strategies and implementations that HR managers and organisational leaders can foster to create the perfect sustainable culture.

Movement to Paperless

With the movement towards the digital age, it may be found that organisations are utilising various online and cloud software solutions. These solutions have ensured organisations better equip themselves to complete daily operations, collaborate, streamline and further ensure sustainability. The utilisation of digital technology solutions ensures that organisations may store documents and complete work all online. EmployeeConnect for example provides HR departments with the best cloud HR software to effectively complete a wide range of activities such as recruitment, onboarding, engagement, analytical and a variety of core hr tasks all online.

Use Renewable Energy

An extremely great and recently affordable way to really have an environmentally sustainable workplace is through investing in renewable energy. Renewable energy aims to effectively reduce the overall level of carbon emissions an organisation will emit. Renewable energy has been seen to effectively reduce expenses over time, satisfy employees and satisfy various other stakeholders. Likewise, management should look into implementing renewable energy to improve the company’s overall carbon footprint and likewise satisfy the people around.

Reduce Electricity Usage

Another great way to effectively promote an environmentally sustainable workplace is by effectively reducing electricity usage throughout the workplace. Wherever and whenever possible managers and employees should be conscious about reducing the amount of electricity utilised. If an electrical PowerPoint is on and inactive, employees should look to turn it off. If you are charging your computer and it is fully charged, employees should switch off the charger PowerPoint. Ensuring employees are doing their part is critical to achieving an environmentally friendly workplace.


An extremely important action to ensure an environmentally sustainable workplace exists is through recycling. Managers need to communicate and support the importance of recycling within the office. A great strategy to ensure recycling is occurring is to colour code your bins. This ensures that employees who are in a rush will think before throwing their rubbish into the wrong bin.

Remote Work

With the impact of COVID-19, most organisations were able to notice a reduction in carbon emissions and unsustainable practices. This is largely due to employees working from home and being self-conscious about their actions. Moreover, fewer cars are on the road, less paper is used, and less poor sustainable practices are being conducted. Likewise, managers should promote remote work to continue the sustainable push, whilst also ensuring they continue to motivate remote workers in a changing environment to ensure productivity continues to stay high just as if the employee was working in the office.


Another simple action that employees and managers may effectively partake in within the office to create an environmentally sustainable workplace is to reuse. Specifically, that is reusing things that don’t necessarily need to be thrown out at the time. For example, reusing plastic cups in the office instead of throwing them out and grabbing a new one. Employees should be pushed to be conscious of the choices they make and encouraged to reuse office supplies wherever possible.

Encourage Sustainable Transport

To push towards an environmentally sustainable workplace managers should encourage employees to utilise sustainable transport to get to work. This means if the distance to the office isn’t far from the employees, they should be encouraged to ride bicycles or walk to work. Bike racks should be provided to employees who do choose to ride into work. Moreover, encouraging employees to take public transport is great as it aims to reduce the overall amount of carbon emissions emitted by cars on the road daily.

Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies

A great way to move towards an environmentally sustainable workplace is through ensuring the business purchases environmentally friendly office supplies. That is purchasing green products such as biodegradable products, reusable products and further recyclable products. By doing this a wide range of employees will become increasingly more satisfied that the business is doing their job in ensuring the office supplies they utilise are eco-friendly.

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