Ensuring employee engagement over the winter months
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Ensuring employee engagement over the winter months

Winter’s icy grip is almost upon us and for an employer this can be the most disheartening time of the year. Employees turning up unmotivated after dragging themselves out of bed and a general lack of energy can be severely detrimental to the business as a whole.

This is why it is important that companies look at how to create that spark to get your team firing through to spring. These tips may seem simple on the surface, but employees will appreciate the effort and productivity will rise despite the temperature dropping outside.


Identifying and rewarding good behaviours and trends is an excellent way of promoting hard work and effort throughout the winter months. While this can be a short-term morale booster like a handshake or a smile, an employer can turn this into a motivator for the rest of the team.

Rewarding the team with warming or brain-nourishing food will also ensure employees are getting nutritious food to sustain themselves for the work day.

Comfortable workplace 

It isn’t ideal to have a cold workplace at any time of the year. A freezing office can slow productivity and create an atmosphere that employees don’t like.

Make sure heaters and air conditioners are up to scratch ,ensure windows are sealed and guarantee there are no leaks in the floors or roof. The workplace must be more comfortable than being outside in 10 degrees!

Goal setting

To get employees to concentrate on their work rather than worry about the weather, it could be a good idea to set up some seasonal goals.

By setting challenges and projects due by the end of winter, employees can be focused to push all the way to September. A promise to celebrate the first day of spring could also be a good incentive.

One way to efficiently set goals is to invest in HR management software that can individually track and define goals to ensure employees are on track to meet targets.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect