Employee Engagement Survey Questions for 2022 - Examples
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Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Employee Engagement Survey Questions for 2022- Examples

The Employee Engagement Survey Questions perhaps one of the most common and direct methods for managers to cause the sentiment of their teams and level of engagement across the all the drivers of engagement. It’s a known fact that approximately 92% of companies run employee engagement surveys in one form or another and remain a critical organisational metric.  This is supported by the fact that  80% of executive leaders believe effective employee engagement is a critical element in achieving organisational business objectives , building competitive advantage and, superior customer service.

A standard employee survey engagement questions list that is rolled out amongst the employees of an organisation usually includes on an average of around 30-60 questions which can be rated on a five point rating scale. It also comprises of few short answer questions in order to gauge the depth, perspective and sentiment of the employees. Unless your employee engagement software can score questions carefully crafted around the pillars of employee engagement, simple questionnaires usually fail to identify the problematic areas thereby defeating the entire idea of conducting these surveys. Employee engagement survey questions list no doubt help in measuring the satisfaction level of employees, but they also leave you perplexed with more questions than answers at times.

Longer questionnaires on the other hand lead to lower participation and completion rates and also the quality of responses fall, as the raters grow tired during the process and eventually rush through the questions without reading and pondering over the questions. This is why pulse surveys are picking up momentum as a balance between precision & accuracy and more important, engagement score over time.

While you can always customise an employee survey template, it is important to stick to a standard format in order to maintain the statistical integrity of the engagement survey questionnaire. Another risk of customising your survey questionnaire is that they cannot be validated statistically or benchmarked against standard engagement scores.

Engagement Drivers and Common Employee Engagement Survey Questions

What we have attempted to put together here for you are some example engagement survey questions which are typically found in employee engagement survey questions list. These question should be rated 1-5 based on degree of agreement or disagreement. With strongly agree & strongly disagree being at polar ends. However, do not consider this as a final questionnaire template to execute your own survey; rather, use it as a starting point and craft the survey questions to your organisational culture and brand personality.

Survey Questions Related to Feedback

  • My manager provides me with constructive and useful feedback.
  • I receive adequate and appropriate feedback pertaining to my performance.
  • My manager gives me continuous feedback that helps me to perform better.
  • I am given an equal opportunity to participate in the goal setting process.
  • I find the employee performance evaluations to be reasonable and appropriate.
  • My supervisor gives me due recognition when I perform a good job or receive good client feedback.


Survey Questions Related to Quality and Customer Focus

  • We hold employees accountable for the quality of work they deliver.
  • The quality of our products and services are very crucial to the organisation.
  • We maintain quite high standards of quality.
  • We understand the needs of our customers as an organisation.
  • We are extremely focused towards the needs of our customers.
  • Customer and their needs are always our top priority in this organisation.
  • We constantly work towards improving the quality of our products and services.


Employee Engagement Survey Questions Related to Teamwork

  • We encourage and practice teamwork in this organisation.
  • We harbor a strong sense of cooperation and teamwork in this organisation.


Employee Engagement Survey Questions Related to Organisational Goals, Mission and Purpose

  • I understand the strategic goals and mission of this organisation quite well.
  • I understand the impact of my work in contributing towards the overall success of the organisation.
  • My role and job is vital in achieving the mission of the organisation.
  • My supervisor provides me regular and timely updates pertaining to the goals and mission of the organisation.
  • I am familiar with and comprehend the strategic goals of this organisation.
  • I derive a great sense of personal satisfaction by doing my job well.


Employee Engagement Survey Questions Related Work/Life Balance

  • My job allows me to strike a balance between my personal and professional life.
  • My Supervisor/Manager understands and supports the advantages work-life balance.
  • The amount of work I need to do on a day to day basis is quite reasonable.
  • My job does not contribute to any kind of stress in my life.


Employee Engagement Survey Questions Related to Personal Respect for Employees

  • I am always treated with respect by my manager.
  • This organisation duly respects its employees.
  • My Supervisor/Manager/organisation values my skills and my contribution in terms of work.
  • The senior management of this organisation considers employee job satisfaction as one of the top priorities.
  • My colleagues respect and care about me as an individual.


Employee Engagement Survey Questions Related to Workplace and Resources

  • I have all the resources at my disposal to do my job well.
  • I have all the information that I need in order to do my job efficiently.
  • I have a well maintained and physically comfortable workplace.
  • I have a workplace which is safe.


Employee Engagement Survey Questions Related to Opportunities for Growth

  • I have ample opportunities pertaining to my professional growth in this organisation.
  • I receive all the necessary training to do my job well.
  • My manager takes active interest in my professional growth and development.
  • My manager encourages me to learn from my mistakes.
  • I find my work is stimulating, challenging, and rewarding.


Employee Engagement Survey Questions related to Performance and Accountability

  • Poor performance is well addressed and handled across the organisation.
  • The senior management is held equally accountable for achieving results.
  • My organisation has high performance standards.
  • Every individual is held accountable for meeting expectations and achieving goals.


Employee Engagement Survey Questions Related to Communication

  • My organisation openly shares knowledge and information.
  • My organisation encourages open communication.
  • My manager shares timely information always.
  • My organisation’s senior management communicates well with all the employees.


Employee Engagement Survey Questions Related to Remuneration

  • I am satisfied with the compensation offered to me.
  • I find my salary competitive with similar jobs in the industry.
  • I comprehend my employee benefit plan well.
  • I am satisfied with my benefit package offered by this organisation.


Employee Engagement Survey Questions Related to Personal Expression

  • I have the freedom to disagree with my supervisor without any kind of fear.
  • I share my opinions comfortably at work.
  • The senior management shows genuine interest in listening to our ideas and opinions.
  • My organisation values employees with different ideas.
  • My opinions and ideas count at work.


Questions to Gauge Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

We have also tried to provide some additional examples of survey questions that help to measure employee satisfaction or engagement more directly. These kinds of questions are a part of the typically very short employee surveys. These questions are not used actionable, but they certainly provide a clear indication of the satisfaction or the engagement level of the employees. They are not used often because they are not quite measurable. Nevertheless, you can ask some of these to gauge the satisfaction level of your staff.

  • I am quite satisfied with my job.
  • I am highly committed towards the organisation.
  • I would love to recommend this organisation to my family and friends.
  • I feel personally motivated to contribute towards the success of this organization and I am willing to walk that extra mile to achieve this.
  • I am extremely proud of my association with this organisation.
  • I am actively looking for a change.
  • I have applied for jobs outside the organisation in the last six months.


Byron Conway

Content Coordinator at EmployeeConnect