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What Are the Benefits of Cascading Goals?

What are Cascading Goals?

Cascading Goals is extremely critical in any organisation today to attain the associated benefits that are to be claimed through effective cascading strategies. The benefits of cascading goals include an effective increase in organisational alignment, assure purpose throughout the business, improve employee morale, build a positive organisational culture, increase employee motivation and increase business profitability. Each one of these benefits will be expanded on in detail within the following blog.

Increase Goal Alignment

An extremely important benefit associated with businesses effectively cascading goals throughout the organisation is an increase in alignment. Specifically, alignment is achieved through goals sharing a common drive through cascading processes.

That is, it set from the top level goals (organizational goal) ,then flowed and linked downwards from top to bottom through the departmental goals and further to the team and individual goals. These strategic goals are all linked extremely tightly each aiming to achieve a common end goal. Likewise, this ensures that everyone within the organisation is working together towards one set of common goals, stay on track and further with the same sense of dedication.

Assure Purpose

Through effectively cascading goals managers can attain the critical benefit of assuring purpose for all employees within the organisation. Specifically, this means that employees who work towards completion of their individual goals will obtain a further sense of clarity as they understand the links between the goals they are attaining and how it will contribute to the whole organisation through the utilisation of a goal cascading process.

Moreover, through cascading goals employees are driven to work towards helping and supporting the organisation further attain a high level of success. This is likely due to purpose establishment through cascading goals has coordinated and efficiently managed all employees time and efforts towards assured usage for business success.

Improve Morale

Another extremely critical benefit of cascading goals within an organisation is effectively improving employee morale. Employee morale can be seen to be improved through goal cascading as employees begin to feel as though the work they are completing is contributing to a bigger effort of the company goals.

Specifically, employees feel as though their contribution is being seen as the goals, they achieve are linked to attaining the bigger organisational goals. Moreover, employees begin to feel as though they play a major part of the organisation, likewise, an increase of employee engagement, loyalty, feeling wanted, needed and further appreciated for what they complete daily is effectively realised.

Builds Positive Culture

Through effectively implement cascading goals within an organisation, managers can attain the benefit of strongly building a positive organisational culture. Specifically, a positive organisational culture is effectively developed and built through cascading goals as employees within the organisation begin to develop a sense of commonality, community and shared purpose.

This is done whereby individual employee within the organisation are now able to communicate with one another about the goals they are trying to attain although when talking with another employee, that employee will have the same purpose-driven within their own goals. Likewise, this means they can communicate effectively helping one another in achieving their goals and sharing knowledge and resources positively to one another in long term.

Increase Motivation

An extremely critical benefit that can be attained through cascading goals within the organisation is a respective increase in employee motivation levels. When cascading goals are set up effectively, and employees are presented with their unique goals they may obtain, whilst ensuring that the number of goals presented lies within the achievable range of the employee and is catered to be difficult but not impossible for the employee, the employee will work efficiently to meet the goal successfully.

Furthermore, employees gain a further drive of motivation as the efforts they complete will be recognised by management as they are providing a major contribution towards the overall organisational goals.

Increase Profitability

Cascading goals ensures that organisations may obtain the benefit of further increasing the overall profitability of the organisation. Specifically, an increase of profitability through cascading goals is obtained through managers not underutilising resources when delegated goals to employees.

If all employee goals throughout the organisation are working towards a shared and linked together, the organisation is designed to thrive. No employee is likely to wander away from the cascaded goals and in turn, resources are being utilised effectively. In turn, this assures that organisations are increasing profitability as employees are working hard to meet goals, increase sales and further not become obsolescent working within the organisation.

Jake Amodeo