Are You Up to Date on Changes to Annual Leave Regulations?
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Are you up to date on changes to annual leave regulations?

Although we all love to take holidays, some of us are finding it difficult to disconnect from the office when we’re meant to be on vacation.

While this could become an issue for employers who are concerned their staff aren’t taking enough time off, there previously wasn’t a lot that could be done. If workers chose to ignore their stockpiled leave in favour of putting in long hours in the office, employers simply had to grin and bear it.

Now, thanks to new regulations, employers have the ability to force workers to take holidays if they have accrued too much leave. So, if your HR management software has alerted you to an employee who has saved too much leave, you can now act on it.

What are the changes?

According to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the changes are “sensible”, and seek to benefit both employers and employees. While some staff may be adverse to taking leave, it’s a chance to refresh and return to work with a clear head.

CEO of the Australian Industry Group Innes Wilcox declared there were substantial benefits for businesses that could previously be held mercy by employees who refused to use their leave.

“The lack of existing rights in this area has been a major headache for employers,” he explained.

“The decision will provide welcome relief to employers and will give employees more incentive to take their annual leave.”

There are other bonuses included in the new regulations for staff as well. Now, employers have the ability to pay leave in advance at their discretion – perfect for workers who need to take last-minute holidays they may not have been prepared for.

Employees can now also have a portion of their leave paid out to them if they need a cash boost.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect