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Office Gift Ideas

5 Last Minute Office Gift Ideas

Knowing what office gift to purchase throughout holiday seasons such as Christmas can be extremely stressful. Although, don’t worry provided within this blog are five last minute office gift ideas to help you purchase the perfect gift for your co-workers, your managers or your exciting gift exchange activity.

Drinks, Food and Dessert

One of the best gift ideas to bring into the office that can put a smile on anyone’s face are drinks, food and desserts. Throughout the year you will see what people love to eat and drink, maybe your boss loves a glass of wine with their meals. If that is the case, go and buy them a bottle of wine. Likewise, if you notice they love whisky go and buy them a nice bottle of whisky. Moreover, throughout the year on lunch breaks, you will see and probably discuss what are some of the most favourite foods people love to eat. If you find your team love pizza, dumplings, fruits or even have a sweet tooth for muffins or cannoli bring in some to the office as a gift for everyone.

Gift Box

Another extremely great gift idea to give to the anyone in the office is a personalised gift box. When you give a personalised gift box it shows that you have put effort into the gift you wish to give them. Surprisingly, gift boxes are extremely simple to create, simply find and purchase a group of little presents you think the receiver would love. An example is including drinks, which may include; miniature alcohol bottles, sweet unique soft drinks, mini milk tea drinks or energy drinks. Another example of what to include could be sweets and chocolates, such as miniature Maltesers packets, Toblerone bars, KitKats or packets of lollies. Furthermore, maybe when making the gift box you want to include something physical that will last a while consider including some office necessities (Described in the following example).

Office Necessities

A really good and commonly undertaken gift idea to give to those in the office are office necessities. Office necessities include work related items that gift recipients may receive and will utilise every day when at work. An example of an office necessity to give to those recipients includes custom pens. Customised pens are extremely great as they show that you put a bit of effort into creating the pen for the recipient and further are to be utilised on a daily basis. Another great gift example for office necessities includes candles, candles are a great idea for the office (if allowed) or even for the recipient to take home, just make sure you pick something that you believe suits their personal taste. Another great office necessity idea could be giving them a customised or even funny mug. This is great for individuals who drink a lot of coffee or tea when in the office.


An extremely simple, yet thoughtful and unique gift to give to the gift recipient is a written letter. Written letters are great to give to people if you wish to give them something extremely meaningful and memorable. Inside the letter think about writing something sweet and extremely thoughtful, potentially showing how grateful you are for everything they have done and further wishing them a merry Christmas if you are giving it to them for the holiday season. Moreover, if you believe a letter is not enough, include something small attached to the letter such as a small box of chocolates.

E-Gift Cards

A favourite for those last-minute gift shoppers is purchasing your gift recipient an e-gift card. Gift cards are extremely great as it allows those who receive it a chance to pick something that they love, moreover, e-gift cards are extremely convenient as they can be simply emailed to the recipient and will not be lost. Furthermore, e-gift cards are a great option as it only takes a matter of clicks to purchase and download the e-gift card for the recipient. The perfect last-minute office gift idea if you are stuck trying to figure out what a gift recipient will like or have extremely little time to go out, think and purchase a gift for the recipient.

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